Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA’s Sustainable Initiative with The Storey Group

Millennium Hotels & Resorts Mea's Sustainable Initiative With The Storey Group

Learn about Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA’s groundbreaking partnership with The Storey Group, aiming to plant 100,000 trees globally in the next five years to combat climate change.

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, collaborative efforts between organizations play a crucial role in fostering sustainable change. Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA, in partnership with The Storey Group, is embarking on an ambitious journey to plant 100,000 trees worldwide over the next five years. This article delves into the significance of this initiative, the partnership’s goals, and the impact it aims to achieve.

Sustainable Collaboration: Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA and The Storey Group

In an unprecedented move towards environmental sustainability, Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA has joined forces with The Storey Group, a renowned consulting firm dedicated to ecological diversity and social impact.

Shared Vision for Global Change

Both organizations share a common vision of fostering ecological diversity and effecting positive global change. Through their collaboration, they aspire to make a significant contribution to combating climate change and leaving behind a positive legacy for future generations.

Ambitious Goals: Planting Trees for a Greener Future

The primary goal of this partnership is to plant 100,000 trees worldwide over the next five years. These trees will not only contribute to restoring 65 hectares of land but also play a crucial role in capturing more than 32,000kg of carbon dioxide annually from the earth’s atmosphere.

Strategic Approach to Environmental Impact

The selection of planting locations across 16 countries is strategic, taking into account the optimal planting seasons for each region. Advanced technology provided by The Storey Group enables precise tracking of the carbon impact of each tree, empowering Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA to engage employees and customers in the process.

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Leadership Voices: Driving Change

Mr. Fahad Abdulrahim Kazim, CEO of Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA & Lakhraim Group, expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership and emphasizes the organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

Innovative Solutions for Global Challenges

The Storey Group, renowned for its transformative initiatives, brings innovative strategies to the table. CEO Karen Storey highlights the power of collective efforts in planting seeds of hope and sustainability for future generations.

Cultivating a Legacy of Sustainability

COO Fahad Masood underscores the significance of integrating cutting-edge ecological practices into corporate strategy. This collaboration aims not only to plant trees but also to nurture a global environment where nature and business thrive harmoniously.

Global Impact: A Green Path Forward

Millennium Hotels & Resorts is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint on a global scale. The Green Path Brand Playbook, unveiled during COP28, outlines strategic initiatives aimed at achieving a 27 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.


The partnership between Millennium Hotels & Resorts MEA and The Storey Group exemplifies the power of collective action in addressing global challenges. By planting 100,000 trees and embracing sustainable practices, these organizations are paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future. Together, they are not just planting trees but sowing the seeds of hope and sustainability for generations to come.

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