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MetaSpeed™ Series: ASICS Unveils Latest Racing Innovations

Metaspeed™ Series Asics Unveils Latest Racing Innovations

Discover ASICS’ newest racing shoes, the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS, designed to enhance performance. Learn about their features, improvements, and availability.

ASICS, a leading brand in athletic footwear, introduces the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS, two groundbreaking models in its flagship METASPEED™ Series. Crafted with cutting-edge technologies, these shoes are tailored to elevate the performance of accomplished runners striving for personal bests.

The METASPEED™ Concept

The METASPEED™ Series originated from ASICS’ innovative approach to shoe design. By recognizing distinct running styles, ASICS developed the METASPEED™ SKY and METASPEED™ EDGE shoes, catering to both STRIDE and CADENCE runners. STRIDE runners exhibit elongated strides, while CADENCE runners focus on quick, efficient steps.

Tailored Design for Optimal Performance


The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS is engineered to enhance the performance of STRIDE runners. Its redesigned features, including a lighter frame and improved cushioning, ensure optimal support for extended distances. The full-length carbon plate enhances propulsion, while the breathable upper enhances comfort.

Lighter Construction for Enhanced Agility

The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS boasts a 22g reduction in weight, offering runners a sensation of weightlessness. This, coupled with the MOTION WRAP™ UPPER 2.0 and FF TURBO PLUS midsole foam, provides a springy feel, ideal for race day.

Enhanced Cushioning for Endurance

With the incorporation of FF TURBO PLUS midsole foam, the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS delivers softer and bouncier cushioning. This innovation supports runners during prolonged training sessions and competitions, enabling them to conserve energy for crucial moments.


Designed for CADENCE runners, the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS prioritizes agility and efficiency. Its minimalist design and strategic carbon plate positioning optimize toe-off propulsion, facilitating swift cadence-based strides.

Optimized Carbon Plate for Efficient Strides

The METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS features a widened full-length carbon plate in the forefoot, enhancing bounce and propulsion during toe-off. This, combined with a minimalist design and a new last for improved arch support, ensures a stable platform for quick, efficient runs.

The ASICS Design Philosophy

Central to ASICS’ ethos is a commitment to excellence in product design and technological innovation. The development of the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS exemplifies this philosophy, driven by collaboration with elite athletes and rigorous testing at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

Testimonials from Elite Athletes

Renowned athletes commend the performance-enhancing features of the METASPEED™ Series. Vincent Kipkemoi Ngeitch, a top finisher at the Berlin Marathon, praises the lightweight and bouncy feel of the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS. Similarly, Tomoki Ota lauds the balance of lightweight cushioning and stability in the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS.

Availability and Pricing

The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS will be available for men and women at ASICS retail and online stores from March 4, 2024, priced at AED 1050 / SAR 1210 / KWD 87 / BHD 119.5 / OMR 116.5.


The introduction of the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and the METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS marks a significant milestone in ASICS’ commitment to advancing athletic footwear. With their innovative design and performance-enhancing features, these models empower runners to surpass their limits and achieve remarkable successes on the track.

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