LuLu and Ariel Join Forces for a Guinness World Record on Saudi National Day

LuLu and Ariel Join Forces for a Guinness World Record on Saudi National Day

LuLu and Ariel set a Guinness World Record on Saudi National Day. Witness the historic celebration!

The 93rd Saudi National Day marked a historic moment as LuLu Hypermarket, in collaboration with Ariel Saudi Arabia, achieved a Guinness World Records title. Using 16,494 Ariel detergent packs, they created a stunning formation in the shape of the number 93, officially earning the title of the “Largest Packaged Product Number.” This remarkable event, attended by the renowned Saudi actor Yousef Al-Jarrah, took place at the Alawwal Park Stadium in Riyadh on September 19.

The Guinness World Records Triumph

In a remarkable display of creativity and coordination, LuLu and Ariel teams worked tirelessly to design and assemble this impressive formation, capturing the essence of the 93rd Saudi National Day. Guinness World Records officials were present to authenticate and certify this monumental achievement.

LuLu’s Commitment to Saudi Arabia

LuLu Hypermarket, the Kingdom’s largest and fastest-growing retail chain, has been a key player in the progress of Saudi Arabia. To commemorate this momentous occasion, LuLu is partnering with Albir Charity to donate 6,000 packs from the display to families in need. This initiative is part of LuLu’s broader commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts.

A Gift for the People

As a special gesture, over 10,000 lucky customers shopping at LuLu stores in Riyadh on National Day received free Ariel detergent packs, distributed on a “first come, first serve” basis. LuLu’s dedication to the well-being of its customers and the community shines through this generous offering.

LuLu and Ariel Join Forces for a Guinness World Record on Saudi National Day

Partners in Progress

This Guinness World Records achievement is a testament to the collaboration between LuLu Hypermarket and Procter and Gamble Limited (P&G), the manufacturer of Ariel and other renowned products. Ariel, a leading detergent brand, produced by P&G in the Kingdom, mirrors the growth and development of industry and business in modern Saudi Arabia.

P&G’s Commitment to Positive Change

Turki bin Moammar, Senior Director of Saudi Government Relations and Public Policy at P&G, expressed P&G’s commitment to creating a better world through initiatives that benefit the communities they serve. This partnership with LuLu highlights the power of brands to drive positive change.

Charity on Saudi National Day

Fahad Al-Nashwan, Assistant Secretary-General at Albir Charity, emphasized the significance of charity on Saudi National Day. He extended his gratitude to LuLu Hypermarket and P&G for their innovative approach to serving families in need.

A Celebrity Guest’s Perspective

Popular Saudi actor Yousef Al-Jarrah, a guest at the event, expressed his delight at participating in this historic celebration. He congratulated LuLu Hypermarket and Ariel on receiving the Guinness certificate, marking a momentous achievement.

Inauguration and Leadership

The display was inaugurated on September 19 in the presence of LuLu’s top management, led by Shehim Mohammed, Director of LuLu Saudi. The P&G team, led by Turki bin Moammar, joined in celebrating this remarkable feat.

This Guinness World Records achievement stands as a symbol of unity, progress, and generosity, reflecting the spirit of Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day celebration.

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