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Immerse Yourself in Yango Play’s May Lineup

Immerse Yourself In Yango Play's May Lineup (1)

Immerse in Yango Play’s May lineup: Arabic cinema, personalized playlists, and engaging mini-games await!

Dive into Yango Play’s May lineup, where a rich blend of regional entertainment awaits. From heartfelt romance to laugh-out-loud comedy, experience the diverse world of Arabic cinema. Explore personalized music streams filled with chart-topping hits, and discover engaging mini-games designed to enhance your interactive experience. This all-in-one AI-powered super app has something for everyone to enjoy.

Abo Nasab (أبو نسب)

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions with the box office comedy-romance hit “Abo Nasab”, which will be available exclusively on Yango Play after it runs in theatres, on May 9, 2024. The life of Ali, a pediatrician played by Mohamed Imam, takes a hilarious turn when his future father-in-law, fresh from prison, crashes his wedding. Directed by Rami Imam with a stellar A-list cast also featuring Yasmine Sabry and Majed El-Kedwany, Wafaa Amer, Hala Fakher, Mohamed Tharwat, and Mohamed Lotfy, “Abo Nasab” promises to be a comedic gem that brings families together with laughter.

A Nose and Three Eyes (أنف وثلاث عيون)

“A Nose and Three Eyes,” is a heartfelt romance drama inspired by Ihssan Abdoulkoudos’s famous novel. Dhafer L’Abidine plays Hashem, a seasoned plastic surgeon in his late forties who’s baffled by his crush on the much younger Ruba (Salma Abu Deif). When Hashem seeks advice from psychiatrist Aliaa (Saba Mubarak), she suggests he journal about his past relationships. Things get even more tangled when an old flame reappears. Directed by Amir Ramses, this film delves deep into themes of love, memory, and self-discovery. Catch it exclusively on Yango Play after its cinema run!

HWJN (حوجن)

Dive into the unseen world of djinns with the first-ever fantasy romance film written, shot and premiered in Saudi Arabia, based on the best-selling novel by Ibraheem Abbas. When Hwjn, a djinn with a curious heart (Baraa Alem), encounters a human family moving into his Jeddah home, he is fascinated by them, especially by the beautiful Sawsan, a medical student (Nour Alkhadra). Directed by Yasir Al Yasiri, this movie stands out for its visual effects, makeup, advanced prosthetics, and elaborate set and costume designs. “HWJN” will be available exclusively on the Yango Play app, following its cinema release.

Immerse Yourself In Yango Play's May Lineup

Personalized Playlists

Yango Play is your go-to spot for the hottest tunes from the Middle East and beyond. With a spotlight on major labels and artists from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, and the Levant, something hits the right note for everyone. Weekly drops from artists from major labels like Elissa, Farid, Nassif Zeytoun, Rahma Riad, Fouad Abdulwahed, Ragheb Alama, Abdul Majid Abdallah, Majid Al Mouhandes, and Assala keep the playlist fresh, while icons like Ragheb Alama and Assala add that classic touch. Yango Play isn’t just about the big names; it also helps listeners discover local talents like rising Arabic Hip-Hop/Rap stars such as Salah Tayr and pioneering women rappers such as Blu Fiefer, Felukah, and Almas. Subscribers can also experience the complete soundtracks from their favorite movies and series offering a combination effect for twice the entertainment. Plus, the app is rolling out major updates to the platform’s UI, continuously improving the listening experience based on users’ music experience.

Introducing a New Way to Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Every subscriber’s musical journey on Yango Play is uniquely their own, thanks to the super app’s AI-powered personalized recommendation system. With 100+ expertly curated playlists catering to various styles and moods, and a vibrant selection of artists and genres, your next musical obsession is just a tap away. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, check out “The Hottest Arabic Pop” or “Trendy Khaleeji Hits”; for international flavors, explore “Pop Hits” or “K-pop Hits” that bring together the best from around the globe; for those who want to combine music with activity, our playlists like “Yoga Flow” and “Gym Time”; for a nostalgic trip, the ‘Flashback’ category offers “60’s Rewind” and “80’s Rewind” to take you back in time and many more. Stay tuned for more exciting projects from major labels, and enjoy an ever-evolving music experience that keeps pace with your life.

Magical World of Mini-Games

Step into the vibrant world of “Yango City,” where entertainment collides with engagement to create a captivating game within the Yango Play platform. As subscribers engage more with the content on Yango Play—be it shows, music, or other games—their city flourishes, and more rewards and items are unlocked in City. Watching series like “The Assassins” not only entertains but also unlocks its main character, Hassan Al Sabah, to be added to your virtual city. This gamified experience creates deeper connections with the content, transforming passive viewing into an interactive journey. Quests inspired by popular movies and music enrich the cityscape, making each interaction within Yango Play rewarding.

Yango Play also offers a variety of mini-games that keep the excitement alive such as “Match 3”, “Cake Towers” and “Feast Fetcher”, with many more on the way. By taking on quests and completing levels, users can earn coins to unlock new buildings and expand their city. This integration of gaming on the platform ensures that every action users take contributes to building a personal entertainment empire, making the super app an all-inclusive playground for everyone.

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