IMI’s New Editorial Director and Sky News Arabia’s General Manager

IMI's New Editorial Director and Sky News Arabia's General Manager

Explore the recent leadership changes at International Media Investments (IMI) with Abdou Gadallah and Nadim Koteich stepping into pivotal roles.

In the fast-paced world of media and journalism, staying at the forefront requires dynamic leadership and a commitment to excellence. International Media Investments (IMI) has recently made significant changes in its leadership team to uphold its mission of delivering high-quality, informative content to its audiences. This article delves into the details of these transformative leadership changes, shedding light on the newly appointed Group Editorial Director, Abdou Gadallah, and the General Manager of Sky News Arabia (SNA), Nadim Koteich.

Abdou Gadallah: Leading the Editorial Charge

Abdou Gadallah’s elevation to the role of Group Editorial Director marks a pivotal moment for IMI and its media brands. Let’s delve into the journey of this seasoned journalist and the responsibilities that come with his new position.

Abdou Gadallah: A Stalwart in Journalism

Abdou Gadallah’s career trajectory has been nothing short of impressive. His journey to the helm of IMI’s editorial team began with his role as the Head of News at Sky News Arabia. During this tenure, he oversaw the channel’s coverage of major events and ensured the smooth operation of the newsroom. His contribution to building and upskilling the channel’s digital and social media teams enhanced its online presence.

The Digital Transition

In today’s digital age, media outlets must adapt and thrive online. Gadallah’s expertise in this arena has been honed through years of experience. His prior role as a Media Advisor to the US Embassy in Doha, Qatar, further solidified his understanding of the global media landscape.

Redefining Editorial Integrity

As the Group Editorial Director, Abdou Gadallah is responsible for upholding IMI’s commitment to editorial integrity. This entails ensuring that the highest standards of journalism are maintained across IMI’s various media brands. His leadership will play a crucial role in shaping IMI’s content to its audiences.

IMI's New Editorial Director and Sky News Arabia's General Manager

Nadim Koteich: Steering Sky News Arabia

Nadim Koteich’s appointment as the General Manager of Sky News Arabia (SNA) signifies a new era for the channel. Let’s delve into Koteich’s background and the role he will play in optimizing SNA’s content and expanding its coverage.

The Journey of Nadim Koteich

Nadim Koteich boasts over 20 years of experience in the media industry, making him a veteran in the field. He has been a prominent figure in shaping the landscape of political dialogue and commentary in Middle Eastern media.

‘Tonight with Nadim’

Koteich’s role as a host on SNA’s ‘Tonight with Nadim’ has earned him a dedicated following. This show is a platform for insightful discussions and analysis of current affairs. Despite his new managerial role, Koteich will continue to host this influential program.

Expanding Coverage and New Initiatives

Sky News Arabia is poised to launch several new programming initiatives soon. Nadim Koteich’s mandate includes maintaining the channel’s editorial tone and optimizing its content for various platforms. This strategic move aims to broaden SNA’s coverage across different genres, ensuring it caters to a diverse audience.

A Legacy of Political Commentary

Koteich’s impact extends beyond television. He has worked with various regional outlets, spanning print, broadcast, and online platforms. His acclaimed program ‘DNA,’ aired on Future TV and Al Arabiya, garnered attention for its incisive political commentary. Additionally, Koteich contributed a weekly political column to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, further solidifying his status as a respected voice in the media landscape.

IMI’s Vision for the Future

These leadership changes are not isolated events but are integral to IMI’s broader vision for the future of media. Rani R. Raad, IMI CEO, emphasizes the significance of these appointments in achieving the company’s goals.

Rani R. Raad: Charting a Transformative Course

Rani R. Raad assumed the role of IMI CEO in September, tasked with transforming the company and its media brands. His vision encompasses regional and global growth, focusing on upholding editorial integrity and engaging audiences.

A Commitment to Editorial Excellence

According to Raad, these leadership changes reinforce IMI’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of editorial integrity. He envisions a media landscape where audiences receive a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of regional and global events.

The Power of Engaging Content

Raad acknowledges the role of technology in expanding media reach, but he underscores that engaging and differentiated content remains the heart of the relationship between media and its audience. With Abdou Gadallah and Nadim Koteich in their new roles, IMI aims to redefine what constitutes a great news product.


The appointment of Abdou Gadallah as Group Editorial Director and Nadim Koteich as General Manager of Sky News Arabia heralds a new era for International Media Investments (IMI). These leadership changes reflect IMI’s dedication to excellence, editorial integrity, and audience engagement. As IMI navigates the dynamic world of media, these appointments will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of journalism and content delivery. Stay tuned as IMI continues to redefine what makes a great news product in an ever-evolving media landscape.

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