Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): A Breakthrough Treatment for Long COVID

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (hbot) A Breakthrough Treatment For Long Covid

DP World’s Aviv Clinics has recently disclosed groundbreaking results from a comprehensive longitudinal study focusing on the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in alleviating long COVID symptoms and facilitating tissue repair. Spearheaded by prominent hyperbaric medicine experts Dr. Shai Efrati and Dr. Amir Hadanny, the study sheds light on the long-term effects of a specialized HBOT protocol in managing long COVID syndrome.

Delving into the Study

The study, titled “Long-term outcomes of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in post COVID condition: longitudinal follow-up of a randomized controlled trial,” aimed to assess the enduring impacts of HBOT on individuals grappling with long COVID symptoms. Building upon previous research, which showcased significant enhancements in cognitive, psychiatric, fatigue, sleep, and pain symptoms post-HBOT, this longitudinal follow-up involved 31 patients who underwent 40 daily sessions of HBOT.

Long-lasting Improvements

Quality of life assessments, conducted using validated questionnaires, unveiled sustained improvements comparable to short-term outcomes. Notably, enhancements in sleep quality and neuropsychiatric symptoms persisted over the long term, with substantial effect sizes. Moreover, pain severity and interference reductions endured beyond the initial assessment post-HBOT.

Insights from the Experts

Dr. Hadanny, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research at DP World’s Aviv Clinics, emphasized the correlation between clinical improvement and neuroplasticity. He underscored that brain recovery is an ongoing process, yielding persistent long-term clinical changes.

Healing Damaged Tissues

The study underscores HBOT’s ability to improve quality of life, sleep, psychiatric, and pain symptoms and facilitate the healing of damaged brain tissue caused by long COVID. This is achieved through HBOT’s capacity to induce biological changes within the body.

Mechanisms of Action

HBOT operates through a unique protocol involving fluctuations in pressure and oxygen concentrations, triggering gene expression and metabolic pathways crucial for regeneration. By delivering high oxygen concentrations, HBOT enhances tissue oxygenation, promoting the recovery of injured tissues. At the subcellular level, HBOT restores mitochondrial function and metabolism, counteracting the effects of long COVID. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties mitigate cytokine release and inflammation associated with the condition while stimulating angiogenesis to address vascular damage.

A Beacon of Hope

Dr. Shai Efrati, leader of the research group and chair of DP World’s Aviv Clinics Medical Advisory Board, stressed the significance of their findings in providing hope for individuals grappling with long COVID. He highlighted the unique HBOT protocol as a promising avenue for sustained clinical improvement, offering relief to thousands worldwide still battling post-COVID symptoms.

Availing Top-line Care

DP World’s Aviv Clinics, renowned for its advanced medical expertise, offers a comprehensive treatment program tailored to each patient’s needs. Before commencing HBOT, a thorough assessment is conducted to determine treatment suitability. For eligible patients, a personalized HBOT schedule, cognitive and physical training, and dietary plans are meticulously crafted, ensuring optimal outcomes.

In conclusion, the longitudinal study conducted by DP World’s Aviv Clinics underscores the profound and enduring benefits of HBOT in mitigating long COVID symptoms and promoting tissue repair. With its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to patient care, DP World’s Aviv Clinics stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of post-COVID recovery.

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