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Guardians of the Galaxy Star Pom Klementieff Joins MEFCC Abu Dhabi

Pom Klementieff

Explore the Middle East Film & Comic Con 2024, featuring French actress Pom Klementieff and an array of stars.

The Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) has once again set the stage for an unforgettable pop culture extravaganza in 2024. The event, scheduled from 9th to 11th February, promises to be a star-studded affair with the inclusion of renowned French actress Pom Klementieff, known for her roles in Marvel Cinematic Universe films. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the excitement surrounding MEFCC 2024, exploring the celebrity line-up, the ultimate fan experience, and more.

Pom Klementieff: A Marvelous Journey

Pom Klementieff’s journey from a French independent film to the global stage is remarkable. Born in Canada’s Quebec City, this talented actress, with a Korean mother and French-Russian father, began her acting career at a young age. Let’s delve into the incredible journey of Pom Klementieff:

From Après Lui to Hollywood Debut

Pom Klementieff made her professional debut in the French independent film “Après lui” in 2007. This began her acting career, setting the stage for what would come. However, her Hollywood debut was a game-changer:

Spike Lee’s “Oldboy”: A Transformative Role

In 2013, Pom Klementieff took on a transformative role in Spike Lee’s “Oldboy,” a remake of the South Korean film. During the filming, she underwent rigorous training, dedicating three hours a day for two months to prepare for an intense on-screen fight with co-star Josh Brolin.

Mantis: The Endearing Face of Marvel

Pom’s portrayal of Mantis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films catapulted her to global stardom. From the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy to “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Thor: Love and Thunder,” her performances as Mantis captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

The Future: Mission Impossible and MEFCC 2024

Pom Klementieff is set to reprise her character as Paris in the yet-untitled eighth Mission: Impossible film in 2025. But before that, she’s gearing up to share her creative journey with Middle East Film & Comic Con 2024 fans in Abu Dhabi.

Pom Klementieff

All-Star Celebrity Line-up

MEFCC 2024 boasts an impressive line-up of celebrities from various corners of the entertainment industry. Let’s take a closer look at the stars who will grace the event:

Harry Potter’s Weasley Twins

James and Oliver Phelps, famous for their roles as the mischievous Weasley twins in the Harry Potter series, will be part of the star-studded guest list.

Iñaki Godoy: One Piece Star

Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy, known for his involvement in “One Piece,” will join the ranks of celebrities at MEFCC.

Temuera Morrison: An Iconic Star Wars Figure

Temuera Morrison, renowned for his roles in Star Wars, including Boba Fett, is another exciting addition to the line-up.

Troy Baker: The Voice Behind Joel

Troy Baker, the American voice actor celebrated for his portrayal of Joel in “The Last of Us,” is set to meet fans at MEFCC.

Voice Acting Legends

MEFCC 2024 also welcomes voice acting legends Frank Welker (Megatron, Garfield, Scooby-Doo) and Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime).

Comic Creators Galore

The event will feature prominent comic creators, including Mark Brooks, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, and Steve McNiven.

Kode Abdo: The Digital Art Icon

Joining the Comic Creator lineup is Kode Abdo, popularly known as BossLogic. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Kode is a digital artist extraordinaire with a massive social media following. His unique photo manipulations and artwork inspired by pop culture have revolutionized the digital art world.

Pom Klementieff

The Ultimate Fan Experience

MEFCC has a rich legacy of celebrating various aspects of pop culture, and 2024 is no different. This year, the event promises the ultimate fan experience, catering to film, TV, sci-fi, anime, manga, gaming, comics, and collectables enthusiasts.

Meet the Stars

“Meet the Stars” allows fans to interact with their favourite celebrities, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Comic Creators Club

The “Comic Creators Club” is a haven for avid fans to commission unique artwork from talented artists.

Artist Alley

The “Artist Alley” features local and regional artists, both emerging and established, showcasing and selling their latest creations.

Gaming Arena

Enthusiasts can level their gaming skills at the “Gaming Arena,” featuring the latest challenges and competitions.

Main Stage Extravaganza

The “Main Stage” at MEFCC will host celebrity panels, interviews, community sessions, and fan screenings, offering fans an up-close and personal experience with their favourite stars.

Festival Plaza Fun

The “Festival Plaza” is where visitors enjoy live entertainment, music, activities, and delectable food and beverages.

Japanese Village Delights

Making its debut at MEFCC in 2024, the “Japanese Village” brings a taste of the Land of the Rising Sun to Abu Dhabi. Visitors can partake in traditional experiences, including Yukata tryouts, origami, calligraphy, and live performances.


Middle East Film & Comic Con 2024 promises to be an event of epic proportions, with a stellar celebrity line-up, an array of fan-centric attractions, and the introduction of the captivating “Japanese Village.” Whether you’re a fan of comics, gaming, or movies or simply looking to meet your favourite stars, MEFCC has something for everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in pop culture and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get your tickets and prepare for an unforgettable experience at MEFCC 2024!

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