From Silence to Self-Expression: ‘Dkhoun’ by Fatimah Al Nemer

From Silence to Self-Expression: 'Dkhoun' by Fatimah Al Nemer

Explore the profound journey of a female protagonist through Saudi artist Fatimah Al Nemer’s latest exhibition, “Dkhoun.”

Art has the incredible power to transcend boundaries and convey emotions that words often fail to express. Saudi artist Fatimah Al Nemer harnesses this power in her latest exhibition, “Dkhoun.” In this captivating showcase, Al Nemer invites us to embark on a profound journey through the eyes of a female protagonist, using a harmonious blend of modern artistic techniques and traditional Saudi symbolism.

The Essence of “Dkhoun”

Dkhoun: In Arabic, “Dkhoun” translates to “the most precious types of incense.” However, in this context, it takes on a deeper meaning. It symbolizes goodness, purity, sustenance, and provision—an essence that resonates with our senses. Just as we instinctively close our eyes when encountering a captivating scent, Al Nemer’s choice of naming her gallery collection “Dkhoun” signifies that her art transcends mere visuals. It embodies a woman’s intuition, nobility, and sublime essence, akin to the most precious incense.

Exhibition details

Exhibition: Dkhoun by Fatimah Al Nemer at Mestaria Gallery, Dubai

Dates: Thursday 19th October to 9th November 2023 

Location: Mestaria Gallery Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

Timings: open daily from 10am-7pm

Symbolism and Storytelling

Art is a language of symbols, and in “Dkhoun,” Fatimah Al Nemer masterfully weaves these symbols to narrate the protagonist’s journey.

The Pomegranate: Warmth and Beauty

The pomegranate, a recurring motif in Al Nemer’s work, symbolizes a woman’s warmth and beauty. Its rich red hue and hidden seeds reflect the female experience’s depth and complexity.

The Flower: Symbol of Life

Another prominent symbol in Al Nemer’s art is the flower, representing life itself. The delicate petals and vibrant colors serve as a reminder of the beauty and resilience found in every woman.

“Al Rababa”: The Musical Transition

Intriguingly, Al Nemer incorporates “Al Rababa,” a traditional musical stringed instrument, into her art. This symbolizes the character’s sorrow and the transitional phases in life, where music becomes a soothing balm for the soul.

The Dove: Inner Peace

A dove, the universal symbol of peace, takes flight in Al Nemer’s artwork, signifying inner peace amidst life’s tumultuous journey. It’s a reminder that amidst chaos, serenity can still be found.

From Silence to Self-Expression: 'Dkhoun' by Fatimah Al Nemer

Bridging Past and Present

Fatimah Al Nemer’s art bridges the past and the present, seamlessly connecting Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage with the contemporary world. Her unique blend of textiles and various materials breathes life into tradition, highlighting the character’s beauty, strength, and intelligence. Through her work, she strives to enlighten foreigners about the authenticity of the region, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a deeper understanding.

The Narrative of Resilience

Each piece in the exhibition narrates a woman’s remarkable story. Through Fatimah Al Nemer’s art, viewers are invited to live alongside the character’s journey—starting from a place of silence and oppression, progressing towards intuition and self-expression, ultimately finding inner peace and embracing one’s true self.

The Craftsmanship

The exhibition comprises eight meticulously crafted tapestry pieces, each intricately woven using various silk materials. These materials are processed and merged into four layers on canvas, creating a canvas of texture and color. Acrylic colors are then skillfully added, resulting in a symphony that mirrors the depth and richness of Saudi culture.

“Art is a Way of Life”

For Fatimah Al Nemer, art is not just a form of expression; it’s a way of life. Her inspiration stems from personal experiences and the struggle for self-expression. She believes that art can evoke emotions and connect profoundly, reaching the depths of the human soul.

A Childhood Sanctuary

Art was Al Nemer’s sanctuary during her childhood. She was a timid personality, and art provided a refuge for the words left unspoken. Through the gentle strokes of her artistic creations, she found her voice and gained confidence.

Empowering Women Through Art

Al Nemer’s transformation through art led her to a powerful realization: Why not share this expressive power with others, especially women? Thus began her journey of embodying diverse characters through her art, painting the strength and worth of women, and blending reality with imagination.


Fatimah Al Nemer’s “Dkhoun” is more than just an exhibition; it’s a profound journey through the essence of womanhood, conveyed through the language of art. With symbolism deeply rooted in Saudi culture, Al Nemer’s creations celebrate women’s strength, resilience, and beauty. As viewers immerse themselves in the “Dkhoun” world, they are invited to explore the transformative power of art—a power that transcends silence, empowers self-expression, and ultimately finds peace in embracing one’s true self.

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