From Passion to Action: The Body Shop’s Youth-Led Climate Revolution

From Passion to Action: The Body Shop's Youth-Led Climate Revolution

Discover how The Body Shop’s Be Seen Be Heard campaign partners with Emirates Nature-WWF to amplify youth voices in climate decisions.

The Body Shop’s Be Seen Be Heard campaign has become synonymous with fostering youth involvement in critical environmental decisions. In partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF, the campaign seeks to elevate the voices of young individuals on a global scale. In this article, we delve deep into the 2023 pledge, showcasing how it empowers youth, provides them with invaluable experiences, and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Be Seen Be Heard: Amplifying Youth Voices

The Global Youth Movement

The Be Seen Be Heard campaign is part of a joint global initiative with the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. It operates in over 75 countries, emphasizing the importance of youth participation in public decision-making processes. But what does this mean for the youth of the UAE?

Youth Empowerment in the UAE

In the UAE, The Body Shop, in collaboration with Emirates Nature-WWF, has already made substantial strides. Over 109 youth have been recruited since the campaign’s inception last year. These young individuals have had the privilege of working alongside experts in various environmental fields.

From Passion to Action: The Body Shop's Youth-Led Climate Revolution

Leaders of Change Program

One of the cornerstones of this campaign is the “Leaders of Change” program. The Body Shop aims to sponsor the enrollment of up to 300 young people in this program by 2024. What does this program entail, and how will it shape the future of youth leadership in environmental matters?

Getting Educated and Skilled

Participants in the program undergo expert-led training and certification. This equips them with the knowledge and skills required to make a significant impact.

Collaboration for Change

The program fosters a sense of community among change-makers. Participants collaborate to co-create sustainable solutions and shape national policies.

Giving Back to People and Nature

Unique volunteering opportunities are an integral part of the program. Participants actively contribute to the betterment of society and the environment.

The Impact of Youth: Key Findings

The Body Shop’s 2022 Global Youth Survey shed light on young people’s perspectives on climate change. Let’s explore some of the notable findings:

Prioritizing the Environment

An overwhelming 94% of youth prioritize their relationship with nature, indicating a deep-seated connection to environmental causes.

A Call for Responsibility

78% of youth express a desire for a culture of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. This signals a strong commitment to creating a more sustainable world.

Tackling Single-Use Plastic

In the UAE, 73% of youth believe that reducing single-use plastic should be a top priority. Their dedication to combatting plastic pollution is evident.

Aligning with COP28 Goals

With the global climate change conference, COP28, set to take place in Dubai in December 2023, The Body Shop’s initiative is in perfect alignment with the UAE’s goals for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The Vision Forward

Ramzy Al Omrani, Brand Director for The Body Shop, emphasizes the importance of youth inclusivity on all platforms. The pledge signifies a collective effort to amplify youth voices and enact positive change.

From Passion to Action: The Body Shop's Youth-Led Climate Revolution

Emirates Nature-WWF’s Perspective

Hossam Nasef, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Emirates Nature-WWF, applauds this unique opportunity. He highlights the campaign’s alignment with the COP28 UAE agenda and its significance in leveraging the nation’s progress.

Impact Beyond Borders

Since its inception, the Be Seen Be Heard campaign has achieved remarkable milestones. Notably, it played a pivotal role in lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 in Malaysia. Additionally, it influenced amendments to the UK’s House of Lords’ Public Order Bill, reinforcing the right to protest.


The Body Shop’s commitment to empowering youth through the Be Seen Be Heard campaign is a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future. The 2023 pledge, in partnership with Emirates Nature-WWF, not only amplifies youth voices but also equips them with the tools to effect meaningful change. As the world gears up for COP28, this initiative aligns perfectly with the UAE’s vision for environmental responsibility and sustainability. It’s a testament to the power of youth and their potential to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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