Formula E Karting Hits Saudi Arabia with SEVEN’s Big Move!

Formula E Karting Hits Saudi Arabia with SEVEN's Big Move!

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) and Formula E, as they introduce the world’s first Formula E branded indoor karting attractions.

In a momentous announcement, Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN), a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has unveiled its partnership with Formula E, a motorsport revolution in electric racing. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to introduce the world’s first Formula E branded indoor karting attraction across multiple SEVEN entertainment destinations in Saudi Arabia. From the heart of the Diriyah E-Prix, where the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship races are set to unfold, let’s explore this electrifying venture that promises to reshape the world of karting entertainment.

Formula E: A Vision for Sustainable Racing

Formula E, founded to disrupt elite motorsport by embracing electric racing, has forged a path toward sustainable human progress through innovation and unconventional race formats. This motorsport was born from a vision that defies tradition and expectations, creating groundbreaking electric racing technology.

Formula E Karting Hits Saudi Arabia with SEVEN's Big Move!

SEVEN’s Strategic Partnership with Formula E

Unveiling the Vision

Abdulla Nasser AlDawood, Chairman of SEVEN, emphasizes the significance of this strategic partnership with Formula E. The collaboration seeks to introduce Formula E branded racing tracks within SEVEN’s Entertainment destinations, aligning perfectly with their mission to create a Multiverse of entertainment offerings. These offerings cater to the diverse needs of future guests, nurturing skills and fostering growth. An ambitious aspiration of this venture is to produce the first Saudi car racing champion from the Formula E attraction.

Formula E’s Enthusiastic Response

Alberto Longo, Co-Founder & Chief Championship Officer of Formula E, expresses his excitement about collaborating with SEVEN, a renowned entertainment champion in Saudi Arabia. The shared objective is to bring the thrill of Formula E closer to fans and racing enthusiasts through the Formula E Karting experience, which is available at SEVEN destinations. This initiative is expected to accelerate the development of Saudi Arabia’s budding young drivers, potentially producing a future world champion.

The License Agreement

The partnership between SEVEN and Formula E solidified by signing a license agreement. Eng. Essam Othman Al Jubair, Chief Operating Officer at SEVEN, and Alberto Longo, Co-Founder & Chief Championship Officer at Formula E, put pen to paper, marking the beginning of this exciting journey.

Formula E Karting Attractions

The Formula E Karting attractions are set to be constructed at four SEVEN entertainment destinations strategically located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Abha. These attractions offer various karting experiences, catering to various age groups.

Adult Karts for Adrenaline Junkies

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, adult karts will be available. These high-performance vehicles are sure to quench the thirst for speed and competition.

Junior Karts for Young Enthusiasts

Young karting enthusiasts can also indulge in the excitement, as junior karts will be provided. It’s the perfect opportunity for the next generation of racers to hone their skills.

Dual Karts: A Family Affair

SEVEN aims to make karting a family-friendly experience by offering dual karts. These karts allow adults and children to ride together, ensuring memorable moments for families.

Extended Tracks for Maximum Thrills

The Formula E Karting attractions boast tracks exceeding 400 meters in length. These tracks are designed for extended straightaways, enabling racers to achieve maximum speed and providing an unparalleled racing experience.

SEVEN’s Massive Investment

SEVEN’s commitment to revolutionizing entertainment is evident through its more than SAR 50 billion investment. This substantial investment is dedicated to developing 21 entertainment destinations, each promising unique and innovative world-class experiences. These projects are strategically spread across 14 cities in Saudi Arabia, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience.

Formula E Karting Hits Saudi Arabia with SEVEN's Big Move!

The Future of Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

SEVEN, as a wholly owned company of PIF (Public Investment Fund), plays a pivotal role in investing in, developing, and operating entertainment destinations. Their ultimate goal is to create a sustainable entertainment sector that meets the diverse needs of all Saudis while adhering to the highest international standards.


The partnership between SEVEN and Formula E marks a significant milestone in the world of karting entertainment. With Formula E branded indoor karting attractions set to thrill audiences across Saudi Arabia, the future of motorsport in the Kingdom looks electrifying. SEVEN’s commitment to creating innovative entertainment destinations and Formula E’s dedication to sustainable racing are a perfect match, promising exciting experiences for all. As the Formula E Karting attractions take shape, Saudi Arabia’s motorsport enthusiasts and aspiring racers can look forward to a thrilling new era in karting entertainment.

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