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Fatafeat Announces Kitchen Tales’s Summer Edition

Fatafeat Announces Kitchen Tales's Summer Edition

An Exciting Culinary Journey with Fatafeat Top Chefs and Special Guests this summer!

Experience a journey into the heart of Arabic cuisine with “Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition”, the latest culinary extravaganza presented by Warner Bros. Discovery’s premier Arabic food network, Fatafeat. Premiering on July 8th at 11:55 AM KSA time, this season promises an unparalleled exploration of flavors, techniques, and stories behind every dish.

An Introduction to “Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition”

“Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition” invites viewers to delve into the world of cooking with three distinguished chefs: Sumaya Obaid, Kholoud Ahmed Suhail, and Mohammad Salah. Each episode is crafted to inspire and educate, combining fresh seasonal ingredients with innovative cooking methods that cater to both beginners and seasoned chefs alike.

Meet the Master Chefs

Chef Sumaya Obaid

Hailing from the UAE, Chef Sumaya Obaid brings a deep-rooted passion for regional cuisine to “Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition”. Her culinary journey began after college, where she honed her skills in traditional dishes while adding her unique touch to every recipe.

Chef Kholoud Ahmed Suhail

A culinary virtuoso from Saudi Arabia, Chef Kholoud Ahmed Suhail’s expertise stems from over a decade in the private food catering sector. Her diverse background reflects in the flavors she creates, making her a standout in the culinary world.

Chef Mohammad Salah

Director of Menu Creations at Chefs’ Studios, Chef Mohammad Salah is celebrated for his innovative approach to cooking. His consultancy experience and knack for creating tantalizing recipes ensure an enriching culinary experience in every episode.

Exciting Episodes and Special Guests

“Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition” isn’t just about cooking; it’s about storytelling through food. Special guest appearances by Nayera Magdy, Dima Al Haj, Maggie El Sadek, and Rania Elaina add a dynamic flair to the show. Each episode pairs these guests with the chefs to craft dishes that resonate with cultural richness and personal creativity.

Episode Highlights:

  • Chef Sumaya & Maggie El Sadek – Episode 6 on Monday, July 15th
  • Chef Sumaya & Nayera Magdy – Episode 10 on Friday, July 19th
  • Chef Kholoud & Dima Al Haj – Episode 18 on Wednesday, July 31st
  • Chef Mohammad Salah & Rania Elaina – Episode 28 on Wednesday, August 14th

Where to Watch “Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition”

Catch “Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition” every Monday through Friday on Fatafeat, airing on beIN channel 251, Jawwy channel 54, and OSNtv channel 25. Can’t tune in live? Stream the series on the discovery+ library of STC TV for a culinary journey that blends expertise, creativity, and passion.


“Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition” promises to be a captivating exploration of Arabic cuisine. It will feature renowned chefs and exciting guests who bring their culinary mastery to life. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cooking skills or simply savor the region’s flavours, this show offers something for everyone.

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