Exclusive First Look: Unveiling the World of John Wick’s Iconic Hotel-for-Assassins!

Exclusive First Look: Unveiling the World of John Wick's Iconic Hotel-for-Assassins!

Join us as we delve into the exciting prequel series “The Continental: From the World of John Wick.”

In this article, we’ll take you on a thrilling journey into the world of “The Continental: From the World of John Wick.” Prime Video has given us an exciting first look at this prequel series, revealing the characters and cast that will bring this captivating story to life. The Continental Hotel, a vital element of the John Wick franchise, takes center stage as we follow the gripping origin story of a young Winston Scott. Set in the gritty backdrop of 1970s New York City, this three-part event will be a must-watch for John Wick fans and newcomers alike.

Meet the Illustrator Behind the Art

Before we dive into the details of the series, let’s take a moment to celebrate the award-winning illustrator Yuko Shimizu, who brought a special piece of fan art to life. Yuko was thrilled to collaborate on this project and aimed to showcase The Continental Hotel as the main character of the story, reflecting the brilliance of the show and hinting at the thrilling experiences awaiting the audience.

The Plot Unraveled: A Young Winston’s Odyssey

The Continental series will take us back in time to witness the origin of the enigmatic hotel-for-assassins. Through the eyes of a young Winston Scott, we’ll witness his harrowing journey through the mysterious underworld of 1970s New York City. Once a savvy businessman in London, Winston’s life takes a drastic turn as he faces a past he thought he’d left behind. We’ll follow him on a perilous quest to seize control of The Continental, where he will eventually establish his reign.

The Cast of The Continental

The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Colin Woodell stepping into the shoes of Ian McShane as young Winston. The late Lance Reddick’s role of Charon will be played by newcomer Ayomide Adegun, who is set to bring a fresh perspective to this intriguing character. Other notable cast members include Mel Gibson, Mishel Prada, Jeremy Bobb, Ben Robson, Nhung Kate, Jessica Allain, and Hubert Point-Du Jour. Director and executive producer, Albert Hughes, promises an unforgettable experience for fans, with a cast of unique and colorful characters that will elevate the world of John Wick to new heights.

Who is Winston Scott?

Winston Scott is portrayed as handsome, smart, cool, and collected – a savvy businessman who thinks outside the box. However, a traumatic event puts him on a collision course with the law. Later, an underworld kingpin from his past sends him on a quest to find his estranged brother, Frankie. Colin Woodell, the actor behind young Winston, acknowledges the challenge of telling a story about a character with an unknown past while staying true to the style and continuity of the John Wick films.

Exclusive First Look: Unveiling the World of John Wick's Iconic Hotel-for-Assassins!

The Complex Character of Charon

Charon, played by Ayomide Adegun, starts as a trusted assistant to Cormac but undergoes a transformative journey as his loyalties are put to the test. Drawing inspiration from Lance Reddick’s portrayal, Ayomide aims to maintain the character’s inscrutable nature while bringing his own interpretation to the role.

The Intimidating Presence of Cormac

Mel Gibson takes on the role of Cormac, a ruthless and charming New York City kingpin, and the current manager of The Continental Hotel. Cormac has a history with both Winston and Frankie Scott, and his quest for vengeance sets the stage for a gripping and explosive narrative.

The Detectives KD and Mayhew

Mishel Prada portrays KD, an NYPD detective with no patience for corruption, and a personal agenda that leads her to the world of The Continental. Her superior, Mayhew, played by Hubert Point-Du Jour, has a complex relationship with KD, and his warnings against The Continental add a layer of tension to their dynamic.

Unraveling the Past: Frankie and Yen

Frankie, Winston’s older brother, played by Ben Robson, is a natural-born killer whose actions lead to a power struggle within The Continental Hotel. Nhung Kate plays Yen, Frankie’s wife, whose loyalty and fierce fighting skills are put to the test as she faces grave danger after Frankie’s actions.

Lou and Miles: Sibling Bond in the Criminal Underworld

Jessica Allain takes on the role of Lou, an expert martial artist, who reluctantly works with her brother, Miles, in a dangerous gun-running ring. Hubert Point-Du Jour plays Miles, a Vietnam veteran who believes gun-running is the only way to keep his late father’s dojo alive. Their complex sibling relationship adds depth to the narrative.

International Audience and Release Date

Exciting news for international fans! “The Continental: From the World of John Wick” will be available on Prime Video in September, giving audiences around the globe the chance to experience the thrilling prequel series.


With a stellar cast, captivating characters, and a plot shrouded in mystery and danger, “The Continental: From the World of John Wick” promises to be an action-packed prequel series that will captivate audiences worldwide. The origin story of The Continental Hotel and the journey of a young Winston Scott will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Be prepared to be immersed in the dark and compelling underworld of John Wick as the series makes its debut this September on Prime Video. Get ready for danger, intrigue, drama, and a wild, fun ride like no other!

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