Etihad Arena Transforms for Supercross Showdown!

Etihad Arena Transforms for Supercross Showdown!

Buckle up, race enthusiasts! The world’s best supercross riders are gearing up for an unprecedented spectacle on Yas Island. On November 4th, the FIM World Supercross Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will descend upon the renowned Etihad Arena, setting the stage for an exhilarating night of high-speed action and jaw-dropping stunts.

In a groundbreaking move, 7,000 tonnes of locally sourced dirt will be meticulously transported into the Middle East’s largest indoor entertainment venue via 400 truckloads. This transformation promises an adrenaline-fueled experience, with riders navigating heavy bikes, reaching mind-boggling speeds, soaring over massive jumps, and tackling hairpin turns.

Salem Al Sulaimani, Event Operations Director at Ethara, emphasizes the significance of this transformation, saying, “The success of an event like this relies on flawless event operations, with every detail carefully orchestrated.” Etihad Arena is poised to witness the convergence of speed, skill, and breathtaking stunts, offering an unforgettable experience for fans and riders alike.

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the action with a closer look at the key highlights and features of the Etihad Arena Supercross track.

Unique Two Row Start Gate

The Start Line: Where Legends Emerge

The start of a supercross race is always a pivotal moment, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is taking it up a notch. Unlike the standard 20-wide configuration, this event will feature a unique two-row start gate. Ten riders will line up at the front and ten at the rear, adding excitement and strategy to the race. A rider’s start position will be paramount, making qualifying and gate picks more critical. In a sport where every inch matters, the Abu Dhabi race and its distinctive start gate promise extreme action from the get-go.

Rhythms: A Symphony of Speed

Navigating the Rhythm Sections

The Etihad Arena track will feature several rhythm sections comprising multiple jumps. These sections allow riders to choose their lines based on personal preference, experience, split-second decision-making, and strategic moves inspired by their competitors. The unpredictability of these rhythm sections adds an element of suspense and spectacle to the race as riders showcase their skills and daring manoeuvres.

Triple Jump: A Leap of Faith

The Most Significant Jump on the Track

Arguably the most significant jump on the Etihad Arena track is the “Triple.” This heart-pounding section comprises three jumps that riders must clear in a single leap, covering an approximate distance of 70 feet. The margin for error here is razor-thin; a miscalculation could make or break a rider’s performance. As fans hold their breath, riders summon their courage and skill to conquer this formidable challenge.

Whoops: The Ultimate Test of Control

Navigating the Whoops Section

The whoops section presents a formidable challenge, featuring a long stretch of small, evenly spaced bumps that create a rolling sensation. Fans watch nervously as WSX riders navigate this section at breakneck speeds, testing their balance, control, and timing to the limits. Success in the whoops section can lead to valuable seconds gained, but even a minor error can result in a significant loss of speed and control.

Etihad Arena Transforms for Supercross Showdown!

Outside Section: Uncharted Territory

A Daring Loop Around Etihad Arena

A distinctive and daring part of the track takes riders outside the Etihad Arena, a first for the venue. This section offers two tight-rhythm sections with corners that promise exciting passing opportunities. However, it also poses high risks for errors. Upon re-entering the arena, riders face a challenging wall jump, followed by a split s-bend that presents two distinct line choices. The riders tackle the rhythm section once more before crossing the finish line. This outside section adds an exciting twist to the race, testing the skills and nerves of the competitors.

Finish Line Double: Victory Beckons

The Decisive Finish Line

Serving as the finish line at Etihad Arena, the “finish line double” is a critical part of the track. While it may seem straightforward, it offers passing opportunities in the corners before and after, rewarding riders with exceptional skill and precision. The race’s outcome can be determined in these crucial moments as riders jockey for position and strive for victory.

The Transformation Process

Behind the Scenes of a Supercross Transformation

The sheer scale of Etihad Arena’s transformation is a sight to behold. The entire process, from turning a clean venue into a finished racing track, takes approximately four days. It involves the coordinated efforts of 16 different forms of earth-moving machinery, including excavators, dozers, and street sweepers. The dirt used is clay-based and carefully selected to adhere to safety regulations while providing the ideal composition for the supercross track. This meticulous preparation ensures that the track is not only challenging but also safe for the riders.

Get Your Tickets!

Don’t Miss the Action!

Now that you’ve got a taste of what awaits at the World Supercross Abu Dhabi Grand Prix don’t miss out on this edge-of-your-seat thrilling event that promises something for the whole family. Witness the world’s top riders battle it on a track that guarantees nothing short of jaw-dropping action and excitement.

Limited WSX Abu Dhabi GP tickets are still available, starting at just 110 AED for the day. Secure your spot and prepare to be part of motorsport history!

Yas Island Race Season Package

A Thrill-Packed Season Awaits

For fans seeking an even more thrilling experience, the Yas Island Race Season Package offers the ultimate racing fan adventure. This exclusive package not only grants access to the World Supercross Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but also provides entry to the grand finale of the F1 2023 season in Abu Dhabi on November 23-26.

As part of the package, you’ll enjoy an exclusive track-walk experience on the opening day and prime seating at the new West Straight Grandstand, situated at the end of the circuit’s longest section. But that’s not all; the ultimate racing fan experience also includes access to the Pirelli F1 Testing on Tuesday, November 28th. It allows you to witness some of the sport’s upcoming stars take their first laps in an F1 car around the Yas Marina Circuit track.

Starting from just 2,675 AED, you can catch all the action in November. Find out more about the Yas Island Race Season Package here.


The transformation of Etihad Arena into a supercross track for the World Supercross Abu Dhabi Grand Prix heralds a new era of motorsport excitement in the heart of Yas Island. With its unique features, daring sections, and the promise of heart-pounding action, this event is not to be missed. Secure your tickets, immerse yourself in the thrill of supercross racing, and be part of motorsport history. Get ready for an unforgettable night of speed, skill, and adrenaline!

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