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e&’s Journey Towards a Greener Future

e&'s Journey Towards a Greener Future

Explore how e&’s sustainable finance initiatives are driving positive environmental and social change.

Organizations embrace sustainability and environmental responsibility in a world where climate change poses an imminent threat. e&, a global technology leader, has made significant strides in this direction by signing a sustainable loan of AED 366 million (approximately USD 100 million). This bold move is aligned with e&’s ambitious climate action commitments, as showcased at COP28. This article delves into e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework, its impact, and its role in driving a more sustainable future.

e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework: A Catalyst for Change

e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework is a financial initiative and a strategic approach to building a sustainable future. It encapsulates the company’s dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles and aims to bring about a positive, real-time impact on communities. Let’s explore how this framework is revolutionizing the landscape of sustainable finance.

Understanding e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework

e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework is a comprehensive strategy that supports its ESG goals. This framework enables e& to issue various sustainable finance instruments, including Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds/loans. These instruments adhere to industry best practices and standards, such as the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Green Bond Principles.

The Green Loan: Financing a Sustainable Future

One of the key components of e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework is the $100 million green loan. This loan is earmarked for financing or refinancing eligible sustainable development projects. These projects encompass many areas, including renewable energy, clean transport, and energy efficiency. The green loan is a financial catalyst for positive change in these sectors.

Expanding Horizons: Future Sustainable Projects

e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework is not a one-time endeavor. It paves the way for future funding of additional projects centered around sustainable development. These projects span critical areas such as sustainable water supply, waste management, green buildings, and pollution prevention. The overarching goal is to make a significant and lasting social impact.

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Hatem Dowidar’s Vision: A Zero-Carbon Future

Hatem Dowidar, Group CEO of e&, emphasizes the green loan’s pivotal role in realizing e&’s climate commitments. At COP28, e& unveiled its ambitious plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 across all its markets. The signing of the green loan is a momentous milestone for the Group, reinforcing its commitment to a zero-carbon future.

Sustainability Meets Credibility: Assessing e&’s Finance Framework

To ensure the credibility and impact of e&’s Sustainable Finance Framework, it underwent assessment by Morningstar Sustainalytics. The result? A resounding endorsement of its credibility and alignment with sustainability standards such as the Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2021, Green Bond Principles 2021, Social Bond Principles 2023, Green Loan Principles 2023, and Social Loan Principles 2023.

Beyond Finance: e&’s Strategic Approach to Sustainability

e&’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond being a mere financial instrument. It is a strategic method for cultivating a sustainable future. This commitment resonates with the UAE’s vision and global efforts to combat climate change. e& emerges as a leader in the technology sector, pioneering a more sustainable and responsible path forward.


e&’s sustainable finance initiatives, including the groundbreaking green loan, are a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. By integrating sustainability into its operations and financing strategies, e& is not only reinforcing its pledge to a zero-carbon future but also catalyzing innovation in the technology sector. As we witness the world’s increasing focus on sustainability, e& stands as a beacon of hope, leading the way toward a greener and more responsible tomorrow.

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