Elevate Your Travel Experience: Unveiling Hilton Dammam Airport, Saudi Arabia’s First Airport Hotel

Discover Hilton Dammam Airport, Hilton's inaugural airport hotel in Saudi Arabia, offering luxurious accommodation and impeccable service.

Discover Hilton Dammam Airport, Hilton’s inaugural airport hotel in Saudi Arabia, offering luxurious accommodation and impeccable service.

The world of hospitality in Saudi Arabia is about to witness a groundbreaking addition – Hilton Dammam Airport. Hilton, a global hospitality leader, is set to redefine travel experiences by bringing its renowned excellence to the country’s first-ever airport hotel. This exciting venture, developed in partnership with Al Musbah Group and Dammam Airports Company (DACO), marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s hospitality landscape.

A Gateway to Luxury

Experience the allure of Hilton Dammam Airport, a distinctive 273-key property seamlessly connected to King Fahd International Airport. As one of the busiest airports in Saudi Arabia, accommodating approximately 10 million passengers annually, this modern oasis offers travelers unparalleled convenience and comfort.

Unveiling Skywalk Access

Step into a world of seamless connectivity as Hilton Dammam Airport presents direct skywalk access to the terminal building. Whether you’re embarking on a new journey or returning home, this convenient feature ensures your travel experience is effortless and stress-free.

Exploring the Destinations

Situated at the crossroads of convenience, Hilton Dammam Airport provides an ideal gateway to explore Dammam City Centre, Dharan, Khobar, and neighboring Bahrain. Discover the vibrancy of these destinations while enjoying the comforts of world-class hospitality.

King Fahd International Airport: A Hub of Excellence

Delve into the heart of aviation excellence at King Fahd International Airport. Serving as a hub for prominent airlines such as Saudia Airlines, Aramco Aviation, and FlyNas, this dynamic airport boasts flights to over 70 international destinations. Its dedicated Saudi Aramco terminal, Oxford-authorized training center, and expansive cargo village add to the airport’s multifaceted offerings.

Partnership for Progress

Witness the synergy of vision as Al Musbah Group, Hilton, and Dammam Airports Company (DACO) join forces to shape Hilton Dammam Airport. This collaboration promises a harmonious blend of luxury, innovation, and a commitment to enhancing the traveler’s journey.

A Haven of Hospitality

Immerse yourself in Hilton Dammam Airport’s opulent accommodations, featuring 273 guest rooms, junior suites, and spacious one and two-bedroom suites. Each space is designed to provide a sanctuary of comfort and relaxation, ensuring a memorable stay.

Culinary Delights

Indulge your senses with an exquisite culinary journey at Hilton Dammam Airport. The hotel’s all-day dining restaurant beckons with delectable delights, while an outdoor terrace adds an element of alfresco charm. For a casual rendezvous, a cozy café awaits, offering the perfect spot for a leisurely break.

Unwinding in Style

Lounge by the outdoor pool and savor moments of tranquility while indulging in the serene ambiance. The adjacent poolside café invites you to relish refreshing beverages and light bites as you bask in the sun’s warmth.

Elevating Business Experiences

For discerning business travelers, Hilton Dammam Airport offers state-of-the-art meeting facilities. From intimate gatherings to larger conferences, the hotel’s meeting rooms and executive lounge provide an inspiring backdrop for successful collaborations.

Commitment to Growth

Carlos Khneisser, Vice President of Development for the Middle East & Africa at Hilton, emphasizes the brand’s dedication to Saudi Arabia’s evolution. As Hilton unveils its first airport hotel in the country, it reinforces its commitment to fostering tourism and enabling growth in key destinations.

Hilton’s Expanding Footprint

With 16 operational hotels and plans to open over 50 new properties across 10 brands, Hilton’s presence in Saudi Arabia is on an impressive trajectory. The company’s visionary approach includes introducing new brands such as LXR Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, and Hampton by Hilton.


Hilton Dammam Airport stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication to hospitality excellence. As Hilton’s inaugural airport hotel in Saudi Arabia, it symbolizes the convergence of comfort, luxury, and convenience. Whether you’re embarking on a journey or seeking a respite during your travels, Hilton Dammam Airport promises an unparalleled experience that transcends expectations.


Q: When will Hilton Dammam Airport be completed?

A: Hilton Dammam Airport is expected to be completed in partnership with Al Musbah Group and Damman Airports Company (DACO).

Q: What is the significance of direct skywalk access at Hilton Dammam Airport?

A: Direct skywalk access ensures seamless connectivity between the hotel and King Fahd International Airport’s terminal building, enhancing convenience for travelers.

Q: How does Hilton contribute to Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry?

A: Hilton’s commitment to Saudi Arabia’s growth is evident through its expansion plans, introducing new hospitality brands and enhancing the country’s reputation as a hub for travelers.

Q: What facilities are available for business travelers at Hilton Dammam Airport?

A: Hilton Dammam Airport offers state-of-the-art meeting facilities, including meeting rooms and an executive lounge, catering to the needs of business travelers.

Q: What sets Hilton Dammam Airport apart in terms of culinary experiences?

A: The hotel boasts an all-day dining restaurant with an outdoor terrace, inviting guests to savor delectable cuisine while enjoying alfresco dining.

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