Dive into Glamour: Exploring ‘Million Dollar Listing UAE’ on STARZPLAY

Dive into Glamour: Exploring 'Million Dollar Listing UAE' on STARZPLAY

Immerse yourself in the opulent universe of high-end real estate as STARZPLAY introduces the captivating “Million Dollar Listing UAE.”

Prepare for an enthralling journey into the realm of opulence and grandeur as STARZPLAY’s much-anticipated Original, “Million Dollar Listing UAE,” makes its debut on September 15th. This captivating series offers an exclusive peek into the lives of five prominent brokers as they navigate the bustling real estate markets of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With lavish properties, high-stakes negotiations, and the dazzling lifestyles of the elite, this series promises an exhilarating ride into the world of million-dollar listings.

An International Sensation: Bringing the Franchise to UAE

Following the footsteps of the hit series from Bravo in the US, “Million Dollar Listing UAE” marks the first international version of the show. Set against the backdrop of the United Arab Emirates, this STARZPLAY Original takes the franchise’s excitement to new heights. The fusion of luxury real estate, captivating stories, and the charm of the UAE sets the stage for an unmissable television experience.

A Collaborative Vision: Partnerships that Define Excellence

Exclusively licensed to Image Nation Abu Dhabi from NBCUniversal Formats, “Million Dollar Listing UAE” is a collaboration that showcases the commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment. Sponsored by prominent names like Aldar and Innovate Living, this series is a testament to the region’s real estate prowess and cultural diversity.

Meet the Cast: Diverse Faces of the Real Estate World

The bi-lingual series introduces viewers to a diverse cast of realtors, each with their own distinctive stories and aspirations. The cast includes seasoned estate agent Ben Bandari, whose role extends to being an Executive Producer, fresh face Zay Brown, the dynamic Nassira Sekkay, charismatic Rami Wahood, and the showman Riad Gohar. Adding a touch of excitement, the legendary Josh Altman and his brother Matt from “Million Dollar Listing: LA” make feature cameos, enriching the series with their expertise.

A CEO’s Perspective: Maaz Sheikh’s Insights

Maaz Sheikh, the CEO of STARZPLAY, highlights the significance of “MDL UAE” as a global entertainment phenomenon. The series not only delves into the world of luxury real estate but also showcases the unique blend of cultures and aspirations that define the United Arab Emirates. As a STARZPLAY Original, this series underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering exclusive content and enhancing its reputation as a leading entertainment provider in the region.

Authentic Storytelling: Image Nation Abu Dhabi’s Role

Acting CEO of Image Nation Abu Dhabi, Ben Ross, emphasizes the importance of authenticity in storytelling. “Million Dollar Listing UAE” not only delves into the dynamic real estate landscapes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai but also provides a glimpse into the diverse culture and rich heritage of the country. The series promises to captivate audiences while providing an authentic local spin on the franchise.

Elevating the Real Estate Landscape: Aldar’s Contribution

Rashed Al Omaira, Chief Commercial Officer at Aldar, acknowledges the significance of this venture for both Million Dollar Listing and the region. Partnering to bring the first-ever international edition of the show to global viewers elevates Abu Dhabi’s status as a prime destination for real estate investment. This collaboration allows Aldar’s exceptional residential portfolio to reach new horizons.

Luxury Living Redefined: Innovate Living’s Involvement

Kareem Fahmy, CEO of Innovate Living, expresses honor in being part of the inaugural international version of “Million Dollar Listing.” Innovate Living, a luxury real estate developer in Dubai, is excited to showcase their exceptional property portfolio to a regional audience. The allure and glamour of the UAE, coupled with the series, promises an unforgettable experience.

The STARZPLAY Experience: Seamlessly Luxurious

STARZPLAY subscribers across the MENA region are in for a treat as “Million Dollar Listing UAE” promises a seamless blend of luxury, drama, and lifestyle. This exclusive content offering can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With a plethora of premium content, including Western shows, Arabic favorites, Turkish gems, anime, and live sports, STARZPLAY establishes itself as a premier entertainment hub.

A Dynamic Entertainment Hub: Access for All

With a presence in 19 countries across the MENA region, STARZPLAY’s influence as a multi-faceted entertainment hub continues to grow. Fans can indulge in quality content at their convenience, creating a truly personalized entertainment experience that transcends boundaries.

A Legacy of Success: Million Dollar Listing’s Journey

The Million Dollar Listing franchise began in the US in 2006, garnering immense popularity over 12 seasons. Image Nation Abu Dhabi’s acquisition of the franchise rights from NBCUniversal signifies its enduring legacy and the demand for its captivating storytelling.


“Million Dollar Listing UAE” is more than a television series; it’s a journey into a world of luxury, ambition, and opulence. With its captivating cast, breathtaking properties, and the electrifying real estate landscapes of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this STARZPLAY Original promises an unforgettable viewing experience. Get ready to be immersed in a realm where million-dollar deals are just the beginning.

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