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Design Space AlUla Grand Opening in 2024!

Design Space AlUla Grand Opening in 2024!

Explore the innovative world of Design Space AlUla, a contemporary hub for design enthusiasts, showcasing AlUla’s rich design heritage and its transformative impact on creative inspiration.

AlUla, a land steeped in history and culture, is set to welcome a groundbreaking addition to its cultural landscape in February 2024 – Design Space AlUla. Located in the heart of the AlJadidah Arts District, this avant-garde establishment is poised to become a beacon for design lovers, regionally and internationally. This comprehensive article delves into the world of Design Space AlUla, its mission, architecture, and the inaugural exhibition that promises to redefine creative design.

Design Space AlUla: Fostering Innovation

Design Space AlUla, under the visionary leadership of Sara Ghani, is not just a space; it’s an immersive experience. This innovative venture aims to engage with emerging and established design professionals to explore design principles through the unique lens of AlUla’s natural and cultural landscape.

A Hub for All Design Disciplines

At Design Space AlUla, the boundaries of design are limitless. It embraces all design disciplines, from architecture and urban planning to product and graphic design. This inclusivity underscores the vital role of design in shaping the region’s character, quality of life, and economy.

Design Space AlUla Grand Opening in 2024!

Architectural Marvel: A Homage to AlUla

The building itself is a masterpiece of contemporary design. Crafted from corten steel, glass, and polished concrete, the architecture, designed by Giò Forma Studio, pays homage to the iconic breezeblocks that adorn buildings in the AlJadidah Arts District.

Luminous Courtyard Design

A luminous courtyard surrounded by exposed geometrical brickwork is central to the building’s design. This intricate lattice façade bathes the interior in natural light and ensures optimal ventilation, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Mawrid: Celebrating Inspired Design

Design Space AlUla opens with the much-anticipated inaugural exhibition, Mawrid: Celebrating Inspired Design. This exhibition unveils the design thinking process behind ten recent AlUla-inspired creations across various design domains.

Maraya: A Mirror-Clad Marvel

One showcased project is Giò Forma Studio/Black Engineering’s Maraya, a 9,740m² mirror-clad venue that seamlessly merges with AlUla’s awe-inspiring surroundings. It mirrors the natural textures and colors of AlUla, creating a visual spectacle.

Madrasat Addeera Renovation

UK-based Hopkins Architects present their plans to renovate Madrasat Addeera, AlUla’s first arts and design center. Their design preserves the historical essence while infusing modernity into the structure.

Azulik Eco Resort: Nature’s Inspiration

Roth Architecture’s Azulik Eco Resort draws inspiration from the stories of wind and erosion, ensuring a harmonious integration with the natural surroundings of AlUla. It exemplifies sustainable design principles.

Ammar Bin Yasser Mosque Renovation

SAL Architects’ renovation of the historic Ammar Bin Yasser Mosque is a testament to community collaboration, ensuring a respectful and harmonious transformation that preserves its cultural significance.

Cultural Oasis District Masterplan

AlUla’s Cultural Oasis District Masterplan, guided by Prior + Partners in collaboration with Allies and Morrison, is a mission to protect and cherish the cultural and natural landscape that defines AlUla’s identity.

AlUla Design Award & Residency

The exhibition also features finalists from the AlUla Design Award. It highlights the AlUla Design Residency, where designers from across the globe converge in AlUla to work on various disciplines, from infrastructure development to sustainability.

Design Space AlUla’s Visual Identity

Delve into the captivating visual identity of Design Space AlUla, meticulously crafted by Clara Sancho Studio and design agency 29Letters from Madrid. The logo draws inspiration from AlUla’s rich heritage, connecting the past with the present.

Design Space AlUla Grand Opening in 2024!

A Living Compendium of Design

Over time, these projects will find their home in the Design Space AlUla archive, a treasure trove of design inspiration and a testament to AlUla’s transformational journey. The archive also welcomes aspiring designers, providing them a creative space to explore and innovate.


In the words of Sara Ghani, Curator of Design Space AlUla, this visionary venture is committed to celebrating AlUla’s natural history, cultural heritage, and vernacular materials. It aspires to nurture sustainable futures deeply rooted in the essence of this remarkable place. Design Space AlUla is not just a physical space; it’s a catalyst for innovation, a testament to AlUla’s enduring legacy, and a source of inspiration for future generations. So, mark your calendars for February 2024, as AlUla takes its place on the global design stage with the grand opening of Design Space AlUla.

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