Championing Change: How Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is Making a Difference Through CSR

Championing Change: How Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is Making a Difference Through CSR

Discover how Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport’s CSR initiatives impact the community’s health, research, and growth.

Discover how Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is making a meaningful impact in the local community through a series of impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. From providing essential health services to partnering with esteemed institutions, the hotel is committed to contributing to the wellbeing and development of its community.

Supporting Health and Wellbeing

In its continuous effort to support the health and wellbeing of its guests and staff, Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport has collaborated with key partners to offer a range of essential services.

Complimentary Medical Services

Partnering with Daam Broker Insurance and Ali Bin Ali Hospital, the hotel extended its hospitality beyond accommodation. Over 100 guests and staff were treated to complimentary medical check-ups and consultations, dental check-ups, and vital sign checks. This initiative underscores the hotel’s commitment to the holistic wellness of its community members.

Blood Donation Drive

Aligned with its ethos of giving back, Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport joined hands with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health to host an on-site Blood Donation event. This initiative provided an opportunity for staff and guests to contribute to a noble cause. The blood donations made during this event are set to make a significant difference in the lives of local patients and the medical community.

Advancing Scientific Research and Development

The hotel’s commitment to progress is further exemplified by its strategic partnership with Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud University. This collaboration aims to advance scientific research and development, aligning with Saudi Vision 30’s aspirations.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed, cementing the collaboration’s objectives. Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport and Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud University are working together to elevate scientific research, training, consulting, and quality assurance. This partnership also seeks to promote experiential learning, effectively contributing to the realization of Saudi Vision 30.

Championing Change: How Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport is Making a Difference Through CSR

Fostering Community Connection

At the heart of Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport’s CSR initiatives is a genuine commitment to the local community’s growth and wellbeing.

INSAN Partnership

The hotel’s journey in community support began with its partnership with the Charity Committee for Orphans’ Care (INSAN) in 2022. Since then, Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport has remained steadfast in its dedication to nurturing the community. By focusing on childhood-related illnesses, disabilities, and the families affected, the hotel is weaving a safety net of care and support.

Championing Saudi Vision 30

Amir Ataya, the General Manager of Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport, emphasizes the hotel’s pivotal role in championing Saudi Vision 30. The hotel’s CSR initiatives and strategic collaborations align with the national vision, highlighting the depth of responsibility and influence the establishment holds. The commitment to creating a positive impact within the Kingdom’s capital resonates through every endeavor.


Radisson Hotel Riyadh Airport’s CSR initiatives embody its role as a socially responsible entity, committed to elevating lives and fostering progress. Through strategic partnerships, charitable efforts, and a dedication to Saudi Vision 30, the hotel is not only a hospitality destination but a beacon of positive change within the community.

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