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CDF Unveils Game-Changing Consultation Services

CDF Unveils Game-Changing Consultation Services

Discover how the Saudi Cultural Development Fund (CDF) is boosting cultural entrepreneurship with its unique consultation service.

In a groundbreaking move to foster cultural entrepreneurship, the Saudi Cultural Development Fund (CDF) has introduced its first non-financial service – the “consultation service.” This initiative empowers small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, and individuals in the cultural sector. By offering expert guidance in managerial, financial, and technical aspects, the CDF aims to elevate the efficiency of cultural projects, boost productivity, and enhance the prospects of securing funding. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the CDF’s consultation service, its partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at), and how it’s revolutionizing the cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia.

The CDF Consultation Service: A Game Changer

The CDF’s consultation service is designed to be a game changer for cultural entrepreneurs. Let’s delve into the details of what this innovative service entails:

In-Person Consultation at Monsha’at Support Center

One of the key features of this service is the “in-person” consultation option. This takes place at the “Monsha’at Support Center” in Riyadh. Here, aspiring cultural entrepreneurs can sit down with highly qualified experts to discuss their ideas, challenges, and strategies for success.

Remote Live Consultation via Nawafth Monshaat App

For those who prefer a more flexible approach, the CDF offers “remote” live consultation sessions online through the “Nawafth Monshaat App.” This virtual platform ensures that individuals from all regions can access expert guidance conveniently.

Expert Guidance Tailored to Cultural Fields

Whether your questions revolve around general cultural aspects or specialized cultural fields, the CDF’s expert consultants are well-equipped to provide tailored guidance. This means you can get answers to your specific concerns related to your cultural project.

Who Can Benefit from the Consultation Service?

The CDF’s consultation service is open to various individuals and entities in the cultural sector. Here’s who can benefit:

SMEs with Cultural Ideas

If you’re an SME with a cultural idea, this service is tailored to your needs. The CDF aims to help you turn your idea into a thriving cultural project.

Entrepreneurs in the Cultural Sector

Entrepreneurs looking to establish and run successful cultural businesses will find the CDF’s consultation service invaluable. It’s a chance to receive expert advice on navigating the complexities of the cultural landscape.

Individuals with Cultural Projects

Even individuals with existing cultural projects can tap into this resource. The CDF is here to assist if you need guidance on project management, financial aspects, or technical know-how.

Aligning with the National Culture Strategy

The consultation service is not a standalone initiative; it aligns with the broader vision of Saudi Arabia’s National Culture Strategy. The requested consultation should fall under one of the 16 cultural sectors within the National Culture Strategy to ensure compatibility.

The Cultural Development Fund: A Catalyst for Change

The Cultural Development Fund (CDF) is a relatively new player in the Saudi cultural scene, founded in 2021. However, it has already made significant strides in enhancing the cultural landscape. The CDF actively supports various cultural activities and projects as part of the Quality of Life Program’s initiatives.

Organizational Link to the National Development Fund

The CDF is organizationally linked to the National Development Fund, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing the cultural sector’s self-reliance.

Promoting Investment and Profitability

One of the CDF’s primary objectives is facilitating investment in cultural endeavours. By doing so, it aims to improve the profitability of the domestic cultural sector, aligning perfectly with Saudi Vision 2030.

How to Access the CDF Consultation Service

Accessing the CDF consultation service is straightforward:

  1. Visit the CDF’s official website.
  2. Schedule an appointment.
  3. Ensure your cultural idea or project falls within one of the 16 sectors specified in the National Culture Strategy.


Q: What is the CDF’s consultation service?

A: The CDF’s consultation service is a non-financial service empowering cultural entrepreneurs. It provides expert guidance in managerial, financial, and technical aspects to enhance the efficiency and success of cultural projects.

Q: Who can benefit from the consultation service?

A: SMEs with cultural ideas, entrepreneurs in the cultural sector, and individuals with cultural projects can all benefit from the CDF’s consultation service.

Q: How can I access the consultation service?

A: To access the service, visit the CDF’s official website, schedule an appointment, and ensure that your cultural idea or project aligns with one of the 16 cultural sectors within the National Culture Strategy.

Q: What is the National Culture Strategy?

A: The National Culture Strategy is a comprehensive framework that outlines cultural sectors and priorities within Saudi Arabia. Your project should align with one of these sectors to qualify for the CDF consultation service.

Q: How does the CDF support the cultural sector in Saudi Arabia?

A: The CDF actively supports cultural activities and projects, facilitates investment, and aims to improve the profitability of the domestic cultural sector in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030.


The Saudi Cultural Development Fund’s consultation service is a testament to the kingdom’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and self-reliant cultural sector. The CDF empowers cultural entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful projects by providing expert guidance and support. Whether you’re an SME with a cultural vision, an entrepreneur in the cultural sector, or an individual with a cultural project, this innovative service is your gateway to success. Embrace the opportunity to be part of Saudi Arabia’s cultural renaissance and schedule your consultation today!

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