Cartoon Network MENA and UNICEF MENA Collaboration: Combating Bullying Together

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Cartoon Network MENA and UNICEF MENA join forces to combat bullying in the MENA region. Discover how “The Buddy Network” initiative is making a positive impact on children’s lives.

Cartoon Network MENA has proudly extended its collaboration with UNICEF MENA in a steadfast commitment to combat bullying. The network is thrilled to announce the continuation of the transformative “The Buddy Network” campaign, which has already made significant strides in the MENA region.

The Power of Friendship: “The Buddy Network” Initiative

Uniting Children as Buddies

In its fifth year, Cartoon Network proudly introduces the “Network of Buddies,” inviting children to participate in this initiative. This concept transcends mere words; it’s a resounding call to action. It encourages children to unite as buddies, forging a strong front against bullying and wholeheartedly pledging their dedication to kindness and empathy.

Children as Ambassadors

The underlying belief here is that every child possesses the potential to contribute positively to their community. Cartoon Network recognizes that kids can influence their peers and surroundings as powerful change agents. By joining “The Buddy Network,” children are not just recipients of the message; they become ambassadors of friendship and inclusion.

Empowering Kids Against Bullying

Recognizing Bullying Behaviors

This initiative seeks to empower kids, giving them the tools and understanding to recognize and address bullying behaviours, both online and offline. It fosters a sense of responsibility, urging children to be vigilant and supportive of one another.

Diverse and Celebrated Advocates

“The Buddy Network” is a unique initiative led by a diverse and celebrated group of personalities, each bringing their distinct perspectives and experiences. The ‘Saudi Reporters’ are central to this network, known for their influential presence.

Notable Advocates

Among the notable advocates is Steve (Afro by Sara’s son). Another key figure is Nouraldin Yousef, who hosted a live game show on Cartoon Network in 2012. Adding to the group’s dynamic are Ines Sebiane and her husband, Suhaib Shaahaa, who are known for their collaborative spirit.

Enjy Kiwan – 2021’s Official Buddy

Enjy Kiwan, 2021’s official Buddy, also plays a significant role, reinforcing the network’s commitment to fostering unity, kindness, and friendship among children. Together, they serve as the foundation of Cartoon Network’s impactful initiative.

The Impact of “Be a Friend” Song

In particular, the inspiring “Be a Friend” song performed by the Saudi Reporters has played a great role in conveying unity and kindness to children across the region. Their music has transformed them into friendship ambassadors, further solidifying the campaign’s impact.

Educating Children and Parents

Raising Awareness

As “The Buddy Network” enters its fifth year in the MENA region, it continues to educate children and parents about the far-reaching repercussions of bullying, whether online or offline.

Practical Strategies

The campaign offers practical strategies to counteract bullying and encourages children aged 5 to 12 to embrace the role of a buddy rather than a bully.

A Shared Mission: Fostering a Safer Environment

Aya Hammad, Head of Marketing, PR & Digital for Warner Bros Discovery’s Kids channels in MENA, states, “Through Cartoon Network’s ‘The Buddy Network’ initiative, in collaboration with UNICEF MENA, we aim to raise awareness about bullying and actively promote friendship and kindness. Our shared mission is to foster a safer and more inclusive environment for children in the region.”

Joining Hands with UNICEF MENA

Cartoon Network MENA invites everyone to join with UNICEF MENA in championing the cause of friendship and kindness. Let’s unite as buddies, not bullies, and collectively make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of children across the region.


Cartoon Network MENA’s collaboration with UNICEF MENA through “The Buddy Network” initiative demonstrates a powerful commitment to combat bullying and promote kindness among children. With the support of influential advocates and impactful strategies, this campaign continues to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of children in the MENA region. Join the “Network of Buddies” and participate in this transformative initiative to create a safer and more inclusive environment for children. Together, we can unite as buddies, not bullies, and make a difference that matters.

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