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BMW’s 20 EV Charging Stations at Dubai Autodrome

BMW's 20 EV Charging Stations at Dubai Autodrome

Explore how BMW AGMC, in partnership with Dubai Autodrome, is revolutionizing sustainable transportation in the UAE with 20 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations powered by solar energy, supporting the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference and beyond.

In a groundbreaking endeavor towards sustainable transportation infrastructure, BMW AGMC, the exclusive importer for BMW Group in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, has joined forces with Dubai Autodrome, a subsidiary of Union Properties, to introduce 20 state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. These charging stations are pivotal in fostering sustainable practices and eco-conscious solutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This collaborative effort aims to cater to the emobility fleet of BMW cars deployed at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) held in the UAE, while promoting sustainable practices adoption beyond the summit. This article delves into the details of this remarkable initiative and its significance in the context of sustainable transportation.

The Drive Towards Sustainable Transportation

BMW AGMC and Dubai Autodrome Collaboration

BMW AGMC, under the visionary leadership of Ayhan Olcer, Managing Director of Albatha Automotive Group, has taken a giant stride towards eco-friendly transportation. They have introduced 20 cutting-edge EV charging stations in collaboration with Dubai Autodrome. This partnership underscores their commitment to transitioning to emission-free mobility in the UAE.

Ayhan Olcer stated, “The 20 EV charging stations newly installed at Dubai Autodrome will help accelerate the transition to emission-free mobility in the UAE. Our vision for sustainability drives this initiative, which furthers our commitment to providing eco-conscious solutions for cleaner and greener transportation.”

Supporting COP28 with Sustainable Mobility

BMW Group, recognized as the official VIP E-mobility provider for COP28, is at the forefront of promoting sustainable transportation solutions. Their advanced electric models, including the BMW iX, iX1, BMW i7, and BMW iX5 Hydrogen, will play a pivotal role during the climate summit. These vehicles are exclusively reserved for VIP guests and officials, showcasing BMW’s dedication to reducing CO2 emissions.

Pioneering Sustainability and Climate Neutrality

Commitment to Climate Neutrality

BMW’s proactive involvement in climate events and unwavering commitment to reducing CO2 emissions align with its ambitious pledge to achieve complete climate neutrality by 2050. Furthermore, their dedication to the Paris Climate Agreement underscores their determination to limit global warming to within the 1.5°C threshold.

BMW AGMC’s Destination Chargers Project

The Significance of EV Charging Infrastructure

The newly installed charging stations at Dubai Autodrome are not just a one-time effort but an integral part of BMW AGMC’s Destination Chargers project. Launched in 2023, this initiative aims to create an extensive network of EV chargers throughout the UAE, enhancing convenience for BMW’s electric vehicle customers. In the current year alone, over 100 EV chargers have been successfully installed, with more installations planned for 2024.

Faisal Al Sahlawi, General Manager of Dubai Autodrome, remarked, “Dubai Autodrome is proud to join hands with BMW AGMC in promoting sustainable mobility infrastructure in the UAE.”

BMW Group’s Global Electrification Vision

Advancing Electrification Globally

With the goal of releasing around 10 million fully-electric vehicles globally by 2030, the BMW Group is taking monumental strides towards electrification. This is a key aspect of their holistic approach to sustainability across the entire value chain. Notably, BMW already has at least one fully-electric model available in approximately 90 per cent of its current market segments.

BMW’s commitment to electromobility extends beyond their vehicles. They are actively involved in developing charging infrastructure, exemplified by projects like the installation at Dubai Autodrome.


In conclusion, the collaboration between BMW AGMC and Dubai Autodrome is a monumental step towards sustainable transportation in the UAE. The introduction of 20 EV charging stations, powered by solar energy, not only supports the emobility fleet for COP28 but also signifies a long-term commitment to eco-conscious solutions. BMW’s dedication to climate neutrality and their extensive network of EV chargers through the Destination Chargers project showcase their unwavering commitment to a greener future. As BMW Group continues to lead in advancing electrification, their efforts at Dubai Autodrome serve as a shining example of sustainable mobility infrastructure. The partnership between these two industry leaders is driving positive change, not only in the UAE but also globally, towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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