Barbie Mania Unleashed: Get Ready to Transform Homes with HGTV’s Epic Challenge!

Barbie Mania Unleashed: Get Ready to Transform Homes with HGTV's Epic Challenge!

Step into a life-size Barbie Dreamhouse! Discover HGTV’s captivating competition series that transforms homes into iconic Barbie oases.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of whimsy, creativity, and nostalgia as HGTV unveils its boldest and most enchanting competition series yet – the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge. Premiering in the MENA region on Friday, August 11, on the discovery+ library of STARZPLAY, STC TV, and Jawwy TV, this extraordinary show takes you on a captivating journey to transform a Southern Californian home into a real-life Barbie oasis that pays homage to six decades of Barbie’s legacy.

Unveiling the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge

A Glimpse of the Dream

Prepare to be amazed as the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge invites you to witness the magic of home transformations like never before. Hosted by the multi-talented supermodel, designer, author, and entrepreneur Ashley Graham, this captivating series promises a mesmerizing blend of creativity, design prowess, and a dash of childhood nostalgia.

The Ultimate Prize: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Staycation

As the dream unfolds, one lucky Barbie enthusiast will have the chance to win an extraordinary sleepover staycation in the completed Barbie oasis. Imagine spending a night in a life-size Barbie Dreamhouse – a dream come true for any avid Barbie fan.

Competing for Barbie Glory

A Star-Studded Lineup

Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge boasts a stellar cast of renowned HGTV designers and personalities. Prepare to be wowed by the creative genius of Egypt Sherrod, Mike Jackson, Jasmine Roth, Ty Pennington, and Alison Victoria as they lead teams through a series of challenges that pay homage to various eras of Barbie’s rich history.

Transforming History: Era-Centric Challenges

Each episode of the competition is an ode to a specific era in Barbie’s history. Watch as designers weave their magic to create imaginative spaces that capture the essence of these iconic time periods. From neon-infused 1990s designs to groovy disco-themed dens, every challenge unfolds as a tribute to Barbie’s timeless cultural impact.

Making Dreams a Reality

Empowering Through Design

The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge isn’t just about design; it’s a platform for making dreams come true. The victors of the competition will contribute to the Barbie Dream Gap Project by earning a donation for Save the Children. This initiative aims to empower girls globally by providing them with learning resources and support to pursue their aspirations.

The Grand Unveiling

In a premiere lasting 90 minutes, viewers are treated to an exclusive trip to Mattel headquarters. Contestants dive into the competition’s themes by redesigning different areas of the home, infusing each space with a blend of nostalgia and whimsy that resonates with Barbie’s enduring charm.

Barbie Mania Unleashed: Get Ready to Transform Homes with HGTV's Epic Challenge!

Captivating Transformations and Celebrity Judges

Unveiling the Imaginative

From futuristic closets to groovy 1970s disco dens, each episode promises to transport viewers into a world of imaginative transformations. The intricate attention to detail and creative flair showcased in these designs is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Celebrity Wisdom and Judging

The creative journey is enriched by the insights of celebrity guest judges hailing from the realms of entertainment, design, and fashion. These industry experts lend their expertise to evaluate the contestants’ work, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

The Dream Becomes Reality

Ashley’s Take

In the words of host Ashley Graham, the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge is an audacious endeavor. The design stars push their creative boundaries to create a fully functioning, larger-than-life Barbie Dreamhouse that would make Barbie herself proud.

A Celebration of Cultural Impact

The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge serves as a celebration of Barbie’s cultural significance spanning six decades. By transforming homes into magical oases, this series captures the essence of Barbie’s history and invites participants and viewers alike to partake in a joyful tribute.

FAQs: Unveiling the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge

  1. What is the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge?

The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge is an exciting competition series that transforms a Southern Californian home into a life-size Barbie oasis.

2. Who hosts the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge?

The captivating series is hosted by supermodel, designer, author, and entrepreneur Ashley Graham.

3. What can viewers expect from the challenges?

Each challenge focuses on a specific era of Barbie’s history, resulting in imaginative transformations that pay tribute to her legacy.

4. What is the ultimate prize for the winner?

One fortunate Barbie enthusiast will win a once-in-a-lifetime sleepover staycation in the completed Barbie Dreamhouse.

5. How does the competition contribute to a social cause?

The victors of the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge will earn a donation for Save the Children’s Barbie Dream Gap Project, empowering girls worldwide.

6. Who are the celebrity judges?

The competition features celebrity guest judges from diverse backgrounds, including entertainment, design, and fashion, to evaluate contestants’ work.


The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge transcends the boundaries of traditional home renovation shows. It transports viewers into a realm of imagination, nostalgia, and creativity, all while championing the empowerment of dreams through design. As teams of talented designers pay homage to Barbie’s legacy, the series unfolds as a celebration of enduring cultural impact. Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and uplifted as the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge brings the magic of Barbie to life in the most extraordinary way.

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