Bader Alshuaibi Joins OSN+’s Trending ‘No More FOMO’ Campaign

Bader Alshuaibi Joins OSN+’s Trending ‘No More FOMO’ Campaign

Bader alshuaibi joins in the trending OSN+ no more FOMO campaign.

Popular Saudi/Kuwaiti music artist Bader Alshuaibi rolls out the third video campaign directed by the renowned Omar El Zohairy, to highlight OSN+’s must-see content

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 16 May 2023: OSN+, the ultimate destination for premium entertainment, is excited to announce the third installment of its brand campaign, ‘No More FOMO,’ featuring Saudi/Kuwaiti music artist, Bader Alshuaibi, Once again directed by Omar El Zohairy, this multi-series, digital-first campaign is here to save you from those moments of being ‘out of the loop’ with a trending series.

After kicking off the year with the Saudi Arabian actress Aseel Omran and Egyptian comedian Taha Desouky, OSN+ continues to team up with influential Arab celebrities to shine a spotlight on the dreaded FOMO effect of missing out on the latest and greatest content. Each video in the series is packed with humor, relatability, and a reminder that you’ll never have to miss another fantastic moment with OSN+.

In this latest video, join Bader Alshuaibi as he desperately tries to evade the dreaded feeling of FOMO – dodging spoilers left and right from the latest must-see hit series, such as Succession, the Emmy award-winning HBO Series currently streaming its fourth and final season on OSN+, which has seen huge popularity on the platform since the latest season premiered in April. As the suspense reaches its peak, Alshuaibi unleashes an original song made popular through out the campaign and on social media. 

A talented musician, Bader Alshuaibi landed a ground-breaking deal in 2021 with Sony Music to support the local pop music scene across the Arab world. Known for his captivating performances and distinctive style, the Khaleeji pop-artist boast a repertoire of hit songs such as “Ya Hawa,” “Yekthar,” “Mamteni” and “Is It On”, the latter being a cross-cultural hit that achieved K-pop gold status.

‘No More FOMO’ features an original song humorously depicting the dreaded FOMO effect when you miss out on the latest content, feeling out of the loop. Alshuaibi has joined other celebrities as part of this exclusive promotional series, with more soon to be unveiled. 

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