Asharq Discovery: Unveiling a World of Arabic Entertainment

Asharq Discovery: Unveiling a World of Arabic Entertainment

Discover Asharq Discovery, the platform redefining Arabic entertainment with its captivating original productions.

In 2023, Asharq Discovery emerged as a game-changer in Arabic entertainment. A product of a strategic collaboration between SRMG, the MENA region’s largest integrated media group, and Warner Bros. Discovery, this free-to-view platform has quickly become a household name. Asharq Discovery offers a unique blend of original programming that caters to the ever-growing demand for high-quality Arabic content. This article will delve into the exciting world of Asharq Discovery and its groundbreaking original shows.

Dark Minds: Unmasking MENA’s Serial Killers

‘Dark Minds,’ a groundbreaking true crime docuseries, is set to captivate viewers with its spine-chilling tales of serial killers from the MENA region. This series ventures where no one has before, shedding light on untold murders that have haunted the collective consciousness. Through interviews with experts and researchers, ‘Dark Minds’ unravels the motives behind these heinous crimes, supplemented by a wealth of documents and never-before-seen footage.

Bassma: Celebrating Remarkable Arab Women

Every Monday at 9:00 pm KSA time, ‘Bassma’ takes center stage. This show is a tribute to exceptional Arab women who have left an indelible mark across various fields. From renowned actress Yusra to trailblazing aerospace engineer Mishaal Ashemimry, ‘Bassma’ brings the inspiring journeys, challenges, and secrets to the success of these iconic figures to the forefront.

Food Tales: Savoring MENA’s Culinary Heritage

Airing every Friday at 6:00 pm KSA time, ‘Food Tales’ promises a delectable experience for food enthusiasts. Hosted by social media star Qasim Al-Hatto, this series unravels the stories behind beloved dishes from the MENA region. Explore the origins, history, and cultural significance of these culinary delights.

Test Drive Riyadh: An Adventure of Discovery

Buckle up for ‘Test Drive Riyadh,’ which is now available on all Asharq Discovery platforms. Hosted by actor and media personality Tariq Al-Harbi, this show takes contestants on a thrilling road trip, introducing them to famous landmarks, hidden gems, and traditional activities. Correct answers lead to the shortest route, making this a quiz-based adventure.

In Other News: A Daily Dose of Thought-Provoking Updates

Tune in daily from Sunday to Thursday at 6:00 pm KSA time for ‘In Other News.’ Co-presented by Sultan Al-Shaddadi and Leen Al-Halawani, this captivating show delivers the latest art, business, economy, and technology news in just 30 minutes, keeping you informed and engaged.

The Critics: Unbiased Analysis of Cinema’s Finest

Join Passant Shams Ell Dean, Maher Mosly, and Mahmoud Mahdy every Thursday at 9:00 pm KSA time for ‘The Critics.’ This show offers in-depth critiques of the latest cinema releases and films, featuring industry experts who provide objective opinions on the latest box office hits.

Diet Master: Decoding Popular Diets

Coming soon to all Asharq Discovery platforms, ‘Diet Master’ explores the diverse landscape of popular diets. Influencer Mohanad Al Hattab dissects each diet’s pros, cons, and risks, offering insights from dieticians, medical experts, and those who have embarked on these dietary journeys.

Paul Edwards: The Visionary Behind Asharq Discovery

Paul Edwards, the General Manager of Asharq Discovery, shares his vision for the platform. He emphasizes Asharq Discovery’s commitment to enhancing the MENA region’s infotainment scene, showcasing authentic and diverse narratives that truly represent the region. The current lineup of Arabic language original shows is just the beginning of an exciting journey, with more original programming and co-productions with Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO on the horizon.

Beyond Original Programming

Asharq Discovery doesn’t stop at original programming. It offers diverse content from the award-winning Warner Bros. Discovery catalogue. Viewers can enjoy free shows never before seen in Arabic, including ‘Gold Rush,’ ’90 Day Fiancé,’ ‘Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole,’ and ‘Wheeler Dealers.’ This partnership also includes the opportunity to co-produce up to 30 hours of content per year, shining a global spotlight on stories and individuals from the MENA region.

Global Exposure Through Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery can distribute content produced in partnership globally through the Discovery network. This opens avenues to showcase the region’s programming worldwide, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

Accessible Around the Clock

Asharq Discovery’s accessibility knows no bounds. It is available 24/7 for free viewing across the region through satellite coverage on Arabsat and Nilesat. For those who miss a broadcast, Asharq Discovery offers a catch-up service through Asharq NOW and social media platforms.


Asharq Discovery is more than just a platform; it’s a revolution in Arabic entertainment. With its exceptional original programming and global partnerships, it’s redefining the MENA region’s infotainment landscape. So, whether you’re a fan of true crime, a culinary enthusiast, or simply seeking thought-provoking content, Asharq Discovery has something remarkable in store. Tune in, and let the journey begin!

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