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Amazon Alexa’s 24 Million Bright Moments

Amazon Alexa's 24 Million Bright Moments

Discover how Amazon Alexa has transformed Middle Eastern homes, offering localized experiences and revolutionizing smart living.

This comprehensive article delves deep into the world of Amazon Alexa and its incredible journey in the Middle East. From smart home automation to entertainment and spiritual fulfilment, we’ll explore how Alexa has become integral to Middle Eastern households. Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at the latest features and products introduced by Amazon, further enhancing the Alexa experience in the region. Join us as we uncover the magic of Alexa in the Middle East.

Smart Homes take center stage

Voice-Enabled Home Automation

Smart Home automation emerged as the most used segment for Alexa usage in the Middle East, with customers increasingly relying on Alexa to control their connected devices. In 2023 alone, Alexa has turned lights on and off over 24 million times in homes across Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Rise of Voice-Enabled Automation

Middle East customers embrace the future with open arms as they integrate Alexa into their daily lives. The convenience of controlling lights, appliances, and more with just a voice command has revolutionized home automation in the region.

Air Conditioners: Keeping it Cool

Air conditioners are the second-most frequently used smart appliances, with over 8.9 million actions recorded year-to-date in these two countries. On average, Middle East customers have 11 smart appliances connected to Alexa, demonstrating the growing adoption of voice-enabled home automation.

Alexa’s Cooling Touch

With scorching temperatures in the Middle East, the ability to control air conditioners with a simple voice command is a game-changer. Learn how Alexa keeps homes cool and comfortable, even in hot summers.

Entertainment and spirituality, delivered daily

A World of Audio at Your Command

Beyond Smart Home control, Middle East customers turn to Alexa for various entertainment and spiritual needs. Audio streaming – including music, Quran recitations, radio, and podcasts – ranks second-most popular domain. Surat Al Baqara was the most requested Surah in 2023, with Maher Al-Muaiqly being the most sought-after Qari.

Entertainment for the Soul

Alexa isn’t just about controlling devices; it’s also about feeding the soul. Discover how Middle Eastern users find solace in the Quranic recitations and immerse themselves in music and podcasts worldwide.

The Sound of Khaleeji Hearts

In the realm of entertainment, Khaleeji hearts beat for Arabic artists. Mohammed Abdo reigns as the most popular artist, followed by Fairuz, Khalid Abdulrahman, Amr Diab, and Abdulmajid Abdullah.

Melodies that Touch the Soul

Explore the vibrant world of Arabic music and learn why these artists hold a special place in the hearts of Middle Eastern Alexa users.

Fun and Games with Alexa

Relaxing music, or “الموسيقى الهادئة” (calm music), emerged as the most requested genre. Additionally, Akinator, also known as “المارد الأزرق” (The Blue Genie), captivated users as the most popular game requested on Alexa.

Game On with Alexa

From mind-bending games to soothing music, Alexa has something for everyone. Dive into the world of Alexa-powered entertainment and discover what makes it so appealing.

Amazon Alexa's 24 Million Bright Moments

New features and products

Evolving Echo: A Glimpse into the Future

In November 2023, Amazon introduced its Echo Show 8 (3rd Generation) in the UAE and KSA. Designed for even more personalized, proactive, and intuitive Alexa experiences at home, it features a new industrial design, intuitive home screen experience, upgraded processor, spatial audio, and a built-in smart home hub. The improved processor and enhanced audio with more powerful cameras will make for better and clearer video interactions. The Adaptive Content feature adjusts on-screen content based on proximity to the device, making it even easier to seamlessly integrate the new Echo Show 8 into customers’ daily lifestyles.

Echo Show 8: Redefining the Alexa Experience

Get a sneak peek into the latest Echo device changing the game. With its advanced features, it’s not just a smart speaker; it’s a home companion.

Meet the Echo Pop

Additionally, Amazon launched the all-new Echo Pop in July 2023 in the UAE and KSA. Echo Pop is a new addition to the Echo family with a loveable semi-sphere form factor. It comes with the new Lavender Bloom and Midnight Teal colour options and the standard Glacier White and Charcoal colour options. It features a custom-designed front-facing directional speaker to deliver full sound that’s great for bedrooms, dorm rooms, apartments, or any small space in a home.

Introducing Echo Pop: A Splash of Colors and Sound

Learn about the newest member of the Echo family and how its unique design and enhanced audio make it a must-have for every room.

Enhancing User Experience

Alexa has also introduced new features to enhance user experience and cater to diverse preferences. Dynamic Language Switching (DLS) enables Alexa to respond to Arabic or English commands without changing device settings. The Smart Home Dashboard provides a centralized control panel for managing smart home appliances directly from Echo Show displays. Customers who prefer text-based interaction can chat with Alexa via the mobile app Type with Alexa. Enhancing spiritual engagement, the Quran On-Screen CX enables users to follow along with Quran recitations on Echo Show displays. Additionally, Smart Home Timed Actions empower users to schedule device activation or deactivation at specific times or after a set duration, with the added flexibility to view and cancel these actions as needed.

Alexa’s New Tricks: Making Life Easier

Discover the latest features that make Alexa even more versatile and user-friendly. From language switching to smart home control, Alexa adapts to your needs.

Localization wins over Middle East customers

Connecting with the Culture

Alexa’s increasing engagement in the Middle East is attributed to its deep localization efforts, ensuring that the voice service seamlessly integrates into the lives of regional users. Alexa supports Khaleeji Arabic, a dialect spoken in the Arabian Peninsula, and provides access to a vast array of localized content, including news, music, and skills.

The Power of Localization

Explore how Alexa’s dedication to understanding and embracing local culture has endeared it to Middle Eastern users. Alexa truly understands the Middle East, from speaking the language to delivering relevant content.

Dr. Raf Bin Ameen Fatani Speaks

Dr. Raf Bin Ameen Fatani, Regional General Manager, Alexa, MENA, shares insights into Amazon’s commitment to the Middle East.

In Conversation with Dr. Raf Bin Ameen Fatani

Hear from the man behind Alexa’s Middle Eastern success. Dr. Raf Bin Ameen Fatani discusses Alexa’s journey, challenges, and future in the region.


Amazon Alexa has transformed the Middle East, becoming more than just a smart assistant—a bridge between technology and culture. With its deep localization, smart home control, and diverse entertainment offerings, Alexa has found a special place in the hearts of Middle Eastern users. As it continues to innovate and cater to the region’s unique needs, the future looks promising. Alexa’s journey in the Middle East is a testament to the power of technology to connect and enrich lives across cultures.

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