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Ali Abdo’s Electric Odyssey with Terra Tech Ltd.

Ali Abdo's Electric Odyssey with Terra Tech Ltd.

Learn how Terra Tech Ltd., a UAE-based mobility startup, is transforming the concept of sustainable transportation with electric motorbikes and innovative battery-swapping solutions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable transportation, Terra Tech Ltd. (Terra) has emerged as a pioneer, revolutionizing how we perceive electric vehicles and last-mile delivery solutions in the MENA region. This innovative UAE-based mobility startup is setting new benchmarks by introducing a unique line of electric motorbikes and groundbreaking battery-swapping concepts. In a daring challenge, Terra invited adventurer and Guinness World Records holder Ali Abdo to embark on a remarkable journey, riding across all seven emirates of the UAE using Terra’s electric motorbike without a single charge. This article delves deep into Terra’s revolutionary offerings and Ali Abdo’s incredible adventure, shedding light on the sustainable future of transportation.

Terra Tech Ltd.: A Game-Changer in Electric Mobility

Terra’s Vision for Sustainable Transportation

At the heart of Terra Tech Ltd. lies a visionary approach to sustainable transportation. With the looming climate crisis and the urgent need to reduce emissions, Terra aims to transform the landscape of last-mile deliveries and eco-friendly commuting. Their commitment to this vision is evident in their innovative electric motorbikes and battery-swapping solutions.

The MENA Region’s First Electric Motorbike Lineup

Terra has introduced the MENA region to its exclusive lineup of electric motorbikes. These two-wheeled marvels combine style, performance, and sustainability, offering an alternative mode of eco-conscious and efficient transportation.

Terra’s Battery-Swapping Revolution

Terra’s groundbreaking battery-swapping concept is a game-changer for electric vehicle users. Their extensive network of swapping stations allows riders to exchange batteries seamlessly, eliminating the need for long charging stops and promoting convenience.

Ali Abdo: A Guinness World Records Holder on a Mission

Ali Abdo’s Remarkable Journey

Ali Abdo, a name synonymous with adventure and sustainability, embarked on a journey of a lifetime. His mission? To complete the ‘Ride to COP28’ using Terra’s electric motorbike without a single charge. This journey would test his endurance and highlight the potential of Terra’s battery-swapping solutions.

Ali Abdo’s Impressive Achievements

Before taking on the ‘Ride to COP28,’ Ali Abdo had already etched his name in the Guinness World Records. His achievements include ‘World’s longest journey on an electric motorcycle’ during his ‘Ride to COP27’ and ‘The greatest distance on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours.’ He is also the first Arab to achieve a Guinness World Record on an electric vehicle.

Ali Abdo's Electric Odyssey with Terra Tech Ltd.

The Epic ‘Ride to COP28’

Setting Off from Egypt

Under the auspices of the Presidency of the COP27 Summit, Ali Abdo embarked on his journey from the Arab Republic of Egypt. His destination? The COP28 conference in the United Arab Emirates. This epic adventure would take him through multiple countries, showcasing the potential of electric mobility on a global scale.

A Thrilling Ride Across Nations

As Ali Abdo traversed through the Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the State of Qatar, he captured the essence of sustainable transportation. His electric motorbike, powered by Terra’s innovative solutions, proved that eco-friendly commuting knows no borders.

Arriving at Expo City Dubai

The pinnacle of Ali Abdo’s journey was his arrival at Expo City Dubai, right on time for the first day of COP28. What made this achievement truly exceptional was that he accomplished it without a single charge, relying solely on Terra’s battery-swapping concept. This remarkable feat showcased the durability and feasibility of Terra’s electric motorbike.

Terra’s Role in the Adventure

Husam Zammar’s Perspective

Husam Zammar, Terra’s Founder and Managing Director, shared his thoughts on this groundbreaking adventure. He expressed his delight at Ali Abdo’s acceptance of the challenge and highlighted Terra’s vision for electric mobility. According to Zammar, this journey aimed to build trust among the public and accelerate the adoption of renewable methods of transport.

Ali Abdo’s Testimonial

Ali Abdo’s experience with Terra’s electric bike was extraordinary. He emphasized that not needing to stop charging throughout the trip enabled him to cover more ground daily. This highlighted the significance of transitioning to sustainable transportation to reduce emissions and preserve the environment.


Terra Tech Ltd. and Ali Abdo’s ‘Ride to COP28’ have redefined our understanding of sustainable transportation. Terra’s electric motorbikes and battery-swapping solutions offer a glimpse into a future where eco-conscious commuting is not just a dream but a reality. Ali Abdo’s journey inspires us, proving that renewable energy and innovative mobility solutions can lead us to a greener, more sustainable world. As the world embraces the importance of eco-friendly transport, Terra Tech Ltd. stands at the forefront, ready to revolutionize how we travel and deliver.

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