Abu Dhabi’s Dh5 Fare Cap on Buses!

Abu Dhabi announces unified fares for all public buses; cost capped at Dh5 per journey

Discover Abu Dhabi’s newly standardized bus fare system, making public transportation more accessible and affordable.

Abu Dhabi, a city known for its modern infrastructure and forward-thinking policies, has taken a significant step towards enhancing its public transportation system. The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) recently introduced a standardized fare structure for all public buses, simplifying the payment process and making commuting more convenient for residents and visitors alike. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of Abu Dhabi’s revamped bus fare system, covering the basic fare, payment methods, and conditions for free bus changes.

Simplified Fare Structure

The New Standard: Dh2 + 5 Fils per Kilometre

Abu Dhabi’s new bus fare system sets a base fare of Dh2 for all journeys within the city and suburban areas. Additionally, passengers will be charged an extra 5 fils per kilometre travelled. This standardized pricing ensures that passengers clearly understand the cost of their bus journeys.

Fare Cap: Maximum Dh5 per Journey

One of the most significant benefits of the new fare structure is the fare cap. Regardless of the distance travelled, passengers will not pay more than Dh5 for their entire journey. This cap is a game-changer, especially for those who must transfer between multiple buses to reach their final destination.

Streamlined Payment Methods

Hafalat Smart Card

To make the payment process seamless, Abu Dhabi has introduced the ‘Hafalat’ smart card. Passengers can use this card to pay for their bus fares at the end of their trip. The card is a convenient way to track the distance travelled and calculate the fare accurately.

Fare Calculation

The fare is calculated based on the passenger’s boarding location and final drop-off point. The ‘Hafalat’ smart card handles the calculations, ensuring passengers are charged the correct amount for their journey.

Free Bus Changes: Conditions Apply

While the new fare structure simplifies payments, there are conditions for passengers looking to change buses during their journey. These conditions are designed to ensure fairness and prevent misuse of the system.

Reasonable Timeframe

Passengers can change buses, but they must do so within a reasonable period. This condition prevents passengers from abusing the system by taking unnecessary detours or extended breaks between bus changes.

Maximum of Two Bus Changes

To maintain the integrity of the fare system, passengers are limited to a maximum of two bus changes per journey. In other words, a trip should typically be completed using no more than three buses.

No Change in the Opposite Direction

To qualify for free bus changes, passengers must continue in the same direction as their original itinerary. Changing to a bus going in the opposite direction may incur additional charges.

Using the ‘Hafalat’ Smart Card

Boarding and Alighting

Passengers are required to swipe their ‘Hafalat’ smart card when boarding the bus and again before descending. These swipes help track the journey and calculate the fare accurately.

Consequences of Not Swiping

Passengers must remember to swipe their cards at both ends of the journey. Failure to do so will result in being charged the maximum fare, potentially costing more than the standard fare.


Abu Dhabi’s standardized bus fare system represents a significant step towards enhancing public transportation in the city. With a simple and transparent fare structure, streamlined payment methods, and conditions for free bus changes, residents and visitors can enjoy a more convenient and affordable commuting experience. The introduction of the ‘Hafalat’ smart card ensures accurate fare calculation, making bus travel in Abu Dhabi even more accessible. As the city continues to invest in its public transportation network, the future looks promising for those who rely on buses as their preferred mode of travel. Stay updated with the latest developments, and enjoy hassle-free bus journeys in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

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