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Abu Dhabi Media Network’s Ramadan 2024 Success

Abu Dhabi Media Network's Ramadan 2024 Success

Discover Abu Dhabi Media Network’s record-breaking Ramadan 2024 success. Unprecedented viewership and digital engagement insights!

Abu Dhabi Media Network, a prominent player in the UAE’s media landscape, has marked a triumphant Ramadan 2024 with an exceptional lineup of programs that captivated audiences across its diverse platforms. This article delves into the unprecedented success of Abu Dhabi Media Network’s Ramadan programming, highlighting key achievements, viewership statistics, and digital engagement insights.

Overview of Abu Dhabi Media Network’s Ramadan 2024 Program Success

During Ramadan 2024, Abu Dhabi Media Network unveiled a lineup that resonated deeply with audiences, featuring five original drama series and exclusive programs on Abu Dhabi TV. These offerings garnered significant viewership and secured top spots among the most-watched programs in the UAE. Notably, “Al Mughared” emerged as the country’s number one social dialogue program, underscoring ADtv’s influence and popularity.

Key Highlights of Abu Dhabi TV’s Success

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Original Series and Program Highlights

Abu Dhabi Media Network’s productions shone brightly during Ramadan, with series like “Khattaf”, “Al Boum”, “Raheel”, “Bel Qanoon”, and the “Qalbi Etma’an” program leading the charge. These series dominated viewership within the UAE and made significant strides across borders, particularly in Saudi Arabia where “Raheel” and “Al Boum” captivated audiences.

Digital Platform Milestones

Abu Dhabi Media Network’s digital footprint saw remarkable growth, recording a staggering 437 million views across its ADtv app and social media platforms during Ramadan 2024. This marked a substantial 228% increase from the previous year, showcasing the network’s adeptness at leveraging digital channels to engage a broader audience base.

Views on the Abu Dhabi TV digital platform soared to 345.1 million, a notable surge from 97.2 million in 2023. Similarly, Al Emarat TV and Baynounah TV’s digital platforms witnessed 19% and 218% growth rates, respectively, highlighting a robust expansion in digital viewership across all affiliated channels.

Radio Network Success

Abu Dhabi Radio Network also made significant strides during Ramadan 2024, with the Quran Kareem radio station emerging as the most listened-to among Emirati and Arab audiences. Programs such as “Man Sabaq Labaq”, “Yastaftoonak”, and Quranic recitations garnered immense popularity, solidifying the network’s position in radio broadcasting.

ADtv Application’s Ascension

The ADtv application experienced a 17% increase in visitors during Ramadan 2024, underscoring its growing influence as a preferred platform for content consumption. Top-performing series on the ADtv app included “Al Boum”, “Baad Ghiayabk Aani”, “Kasr Athem”, “Khattaf”, “Al Juzoua’a”, and “Raheel”, each contributing to the application’s 1.25 million views for “Al Boum”.

Strategic Vision and Future Outlook

Abu Dhabi Media Network’s success during Ramadan 2024 aligns with its strategic vision to innovate and elevate media and digital content standards. The network’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences through compelling programming and strategic digital engagement reinforces its pivotal role in shaping the media landscape of the UAE and beyond.


In conclusion, Abu Dhabi Media Network’s stellar performance during Ramadan 2024 reaffirms its dominance in the media sector and sets a benchmark for content excellence and digital engagement. With record-breaking viewership figures and a robust expansion across digital platforms, Abu Dhabi Media Network continues to lead with innovation and viewer-centric programming.

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