UAE Botim Users Can Now Send Money to 1 Billion WeChat Users in China!

UAE Botim Users Can Now Send Money to 1 Billion WeChat Users in China!

Discover how Astra Tech’s groundbreaking partnership with Tencent Financial Technology is revolutionizing cross-platform remittances, connecting Botim Ultra users in the UAE with over 1 billion Weixin users in China.

In an era where connectivity knows no bounds, the partnership between Astra Tech, Botim’s parent company, and Tencent Financial Technology has created waves in the tech world. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to introduce seamless cross-platform remittances, bridging the gap between Botim Ultra users in the UAE and Weixin (WeChat) users in China. This article delves into the details of this partnership, exploring how it benefits users on both sides of the globe and simplifies international money transfers.

A New Era of Convenience

The world of communication and finance is constantly evolving, and Astra Tech’s partnership with Tencent Financial Technology represents a pivotal moment in this evolution. Let’s look at how this collaboration is set to redefine user convenience and satisfaction.

1. Breaking Down the Barriers

The partnership eliminates app-switching friction, making it incredibly convenient for Botim users to make international transfers directly to over 1 billion Weixin users in China via the Botim messenger platform.

2. Access to a Dynamic Market

This collaboration offers Botim users unprecedented access to China, one of the world’s most dynamic markets. With over a billion Weixin users, this move opens up many opportunities for users and businesses alike.

3. Effortless Notifications

The exclusive ShareLink feature on Weixin allows users to notify recipients with just one click after each remittance. This simplifies the process of keeping recipients informed about their funds.

4. Multiple Payment Options

Recipients in China can easily receive funds through Weixin messages, monitor remittance status, and receive funds using Weixin Wallet Balance or bank cards linked to Weixin Pay. This flexibility ensures that recipients can access their funds in the way that suits them best.

The Two-Way Street: Weixin to Botim Transfers

The partnership between Astra Tech and Tencent Financial Technology is not a one-way street. In the next phase, Weixin users can transfer funds to Botim users, creating a seamless two-way remittance process. This reciprocal feature promises even greater convenience for users on both platforms.

Sending Money from Botim to Weixin Users

Now that we’ve explored this groundbreaking partnership’s benefits and features, let’s dive into the practical aspects of sending money from Botim to Weixin users. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this process seamlessly.

  1. On the ‘Explore’ page of your Botim Ultra app, click ‘International Transfer’ to begin the remittance process.
  2. Select ‘China’ as the receiving country and ‘CNY’ (Chinese Yuan) as the currency for your transfer.
  3. Click on ‘Add Beneficiary’ and choose ‘Wallet’ as the payment method for your remittance.
  4. Proceed by adding the details of your beneficiary, including their wallet mobile number.
  5. Once you’ve added the beneficiary and details, your account will be reviewed to ensure accuracy and security.
  6. Once your account and beneficiary details are approved, you can start remitting money seamlessly across platforms to Weixin Wallet users in China.

Botim: A Global Communication Powerhouse

Botim has come a long way since its inception and has become a global communication powerhouse. With over 140 million users globally and a presence in 155 countries, Botim offers more than just VoIP calling. Let’s explore some of the additional services seamlessly integrated into this platform.

  • Botim allows users to send money across borders, making international transactions easier.
  • Pay your bills directly through Botim, saving time and ensuring your financial responsibilities are met promptly.
  • For users in the UAE, Botim offers visa services, streamlining the often complex process of obtaining visas.

Botim is constantly evolving and expanding its services. Stay tuned for even more features and benefits as this platform grows.


The partnership between Astra Tech and Tencent Financial Technology is a game-changer in cross-platform remittances. It brings unparalleled convenience and access to users on both sides, making international transfers simpler and more efficient. As Botim continues to grow and innovate, it remains a reliable platform for communication and financial services, connecting the world one remittance at a time.

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