One Million Luxury Vehicles Sold Globally by Genesis

One Million Luxury Vehicles Sold Globally by Genesis

Genesis, the luxury car brand, celebrates the sale of one million vehicles globally. Explore the journey from its inception to this remarkable milestone, highlighting the brand’s competitive models, commitment to customer experiences, and plans for the electric vehicle era.

In the luxury automobile world, one brand consistently pushes the boundaries of excellence—Genesis. With the recent announcement of surpassing one million vehicles sold globally, Genesis has not just achieved a milestone; it has redefined what it means to deliver luxury, quality, and innovation. In this comprehensive article, we will journey through Genesis’ remarkable story, examining the competitive models that propelled its success, its unwavering commitment to customer experiences, and its vision for a future dominated by electric vehicles.

Genesis: A Global Success Story

Genesis’s Rise to Prominence

Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, emerged on the global automotive stage in November 2015. It achieved an extraordinary feat in less than eight years—selling over one million vehicles worldwide. This milestone is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Genesis in Korea and Beyond

Global Footprint

Genesis found a strong foothold in its home country, Korea, selling a remarkable 690,177 units. However, its success transcends borders, with 318,627 units sold in international markets by the end of August 2023.

Rapid Ascendancy

Half a Million to One Million

Genesis reached the half-million mark in May 2021, and within a mere two years and three months, it achieved the remarkable feat of selling one million vehicles globally.

The Competitive Edge: G80, GV80, and GV70 Models

Genesis’s Winning Lineup

One cannot discuss Genesis’s success without acknowledging its competitive models. These vehicles have been the driving force behind the brand’s rapid global sales growth.

Genesis G90: A Grand Beginning

Flagship Luxury

Genesis set the tone for excellence with the introduction of the G90. This flagship luxury sedan marked the brand’s arrival with unmatched quality and sophistication.

Expanding the Portfolio

Model Evolution

Genesis expanded its portfolio with precision and timing, introducing models that catered to diverse customer preferences. The introduction of G70, G80, GV70, and GV80 cemented the brand’s position as a formidable player in the luxury car market.

A Record-Breaking Year

Exceeding Expectations

In 2020, Genesis achieved a significant milestone, recording its first-ever annual global sales exceeding 100,000 units. The total units sold reached an impressive 132,450.

Sustained Growth

Year-on-Year Success

The brand’s growth trajectory continued upward with 201,415 units sold in 2021 and a further 215,128 units in 2022, showcasing its remarkable expansion.

The Best-Selling G80

Flagship Success

The Genesis G80 has earned its place as the best-selling model in the brand’s vehicle lineup. Since its introduction in 2016, it has garnered a loyal following and impressive sales figures, including electrified G80 models.

SUV Dominance: GV80 and GV70

Creating a Niche

Genesis recognized the growing demand for SUVs and responded with the GV80 and GV70, both of which have achieved substantial global sales.

GV80: Genesis’s First SUV

Setting Standards

The GV80 marked Genesis’s entry into the SUV segment, setting new standards in luxury and performance. Its global sales reached 173,882 units, reflecting its widespread appeal.

GV70: A Mid-Sized Marvel

Luxury in Compact Form

The GV70, Genesis’s first mid-sized luxury SUV, made waves in the market. Its cumulative sales of 160,965 units underscore its popularity among discerning buyers.

Elevating Customer Experiences

Luxury Beyond Vehicles

Genesis doesn’t just sell vehicles; it curates exceptional customer experiences that set it apart from the competition.

Design Philosophy: Athletic Elegance

Distinctive Aesthetics

Genesis vehicles are known for their audacious designs and outstanding performance. The brand’s design philosophy of ‘Athletic Elegance’ is evident in every model.

Expanding the Portfolio

Offering Diversity

Genesis expanded its portfolio from four models in 2020 to ten in 2023, including sedans, SUVs, and electric vehicles. This diverse lineup caters to various tastes and preferences.

Global Presence

Reaching Diverse Markets

Genesis now operates in 17 markets globally, from its home base in Korea to the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. Its vehicles have found resonance with customers worldwide.

Brand Experience Spaces

Luxurious Encounters

Genesis goes beyond traditional showrooms. It has established brand experience spaces in over 50 locations worldwide, offering customers a chance to immerse themselves in the brand’s luxury and innovation.

Genesis House: A Cultural Experience

Manhattan’s Gem

In November 2021, Genesis unveiled Genesis House in Manhattan, New York—a cultural space that blends Korean aesthetics with modern experiences. It reinterprets traditional values for the modern world.

Genesis Lounge: Elevating Luxury

Exclusivity in Seoul

Genesis Lounge at The Shilla hotel in Seoul offers Genesis G90 Long Wheel Base owners gourmet experiences and musical indulgence—a testament to the brand’s commitment to sensory experiences.

Awards and Accolades

Recognized Excellence

Genesis has garnered a plethora of awards and accolades from prestigious global entities, solidifying its reputation as a reliable luxury brand.

Global Recognition

MotorTrend, Car and Driver, and More

Genesis has earned prestigious titles like MotorTrend Car and SUV of the Year, Car and Driver 10Best, and North American Car of the Year. These accolades highlight its commitment to excellence.

European Triumph

European Market Success

In the European market, Genesis has clinched awards like ‘German Premium Car of the Year 2023’ and ‘Swiss Car of the Year 2023.’ The GV60 won ‘Best Electric SUV 2023’ at the UK’s What Car? Awards.

Genesis and Golf: A Winning Partnership

Beyond Automobiles

Genesis has extended its brand values to the world of golf, offering unique experiences and supporting player development.

Korean Golf Association

Genesis Point System

In 2016, Genesis introduced the Genesis Point System in Korean men’s golf, revolutionizing the sport by rewarding excellence and player development.

PGA TOUR Sponsorship

Genesis Open

Genesis became the title sponsor of the PGA TOUR’s Genesis Open in 2017. The event, later named the Genesis Invitational, became a prestigious fixture on the PGA TOUR.

Global Golf Presence

International Sponsorship

Genesis serves as the title sponsor of the Genesis Scottish Open and the official vehicle sponsor for the Presidents Cup and the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. These sponsorships promote the brand globally.

Electrifying the Future

Commitment to Electrification

Genesis is actively preparing for the electric vehicle era, with a vision for a sustainable future.

Full EV Lineup by 2025

Electric Transition

Starting in 2025, every vehicle produced by Genesis will be purely electric, aligning with global electrification trends.

Manufacturing Plants for EVs

Global Production

To compete effectively in North America’s competitive EV market, Genesis will manufacture electric vehicles at the Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America, ensuring a strong presence in the U.S.

Carbon Neutrality Commitment

Sustainable Practices

Genesis is committed to achieving carbon neutrality across its value chains, emphasizing sustainability in raw materials, parts, and production processes.

Expanding the Product Lineup

Quality and Innovation

Genesis plans to introduce new vehicle models with best-in-class quality. The GV80 Coupe, an updated GV80, and a new model in a unique segment are in the pipeline.

A Bright Future

Expanding Horizons

Genesis continues to grow, not just in terms of sales but also in its dedication to providing original experiences and setting new standards of luxury and innovation.

Global Brand Experience

Hospitality for “Son-nim”

Genesis aims to expand its brand experience spaces globally, offering original experiences to more customers based on its unique approach to hospitality for “Son-nim,” or honored guests.


Genesis has achieved a remarkable milestone in the automotive industry by selling one million vehicles globally. Its success story is a testament to its commitment to excellence, competitive model lineup, dedication to customer experiences, and vision for a sustainable electric future. As Genesis continues to push boundaries, it’s clear that the brand is not just driving vehicles; it’s driving towards a future where luxury and innovation know no bounds.

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